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Does a rapist have religion?

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We live in a country where terrorist has no religion but a rapist has a religion and has a particular caste. It all started with Hathras (U.P.) rape case , where a 19 year old girl was gang raped, usually its a norm to keep the identity of victim secret but it could be modified as per one’s interest. Similar thing happened in Hathras case, where not only victim’s identity was disclosed but the caste angle was brought up in limelight. People like Dr. Udit Raj gave it a caste angle and made it a Brahmins or Upper Caste v/s. lower caste Case.

The vultures craving for TRP took it swiftly, the woke and pseudos remembered to feel ashamed as “Hindu”, feel ashamed as “Indian” and smash the “braminical patriarchy” brigade refilled its engine . Here are some rape cases happened in different states.

Let’s discover the two different yardsticks used by the intellectual. First the dynamic duo of brother – sister,

Here’s the dynamic duo raising voice against rape cases in Rajasthan, West Bengal, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Chhattisgarh.

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Here is example of special treatment when accused is Muslim

Their yardsticks are not different but we don’t have the superpowers required to see it. May be the Rajasthan Rape cases doesn’t meet the sufficient conditions required to become a news headline. The requirment are as follows :

Now the question arises why this happens? Well the divide and rule policy still work. What happened at Hathras was extremely execrable and voices must be raised as everyone has F.O.E, but selective use is perilous . The government must be questioned but voices should also be raised against the mentality which inspires politicians to say “young boys make mistake”.

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