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Raja, Fardeen, and Fardeen kill Vinod for objecting to their lewd remarks on women

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Another day, another case of Muslim violence upon Hindus in India. In this case, in Udaipur, 43 year old Vinod was stabbed to death by three lowlives- Raja Oad (Awad), Fardeen, and a third youth also named Fardeen- for objecting to their frequent lewd remarks aimed at women. When Vinod objected and asked them to refrain from this indecent behavior, they attacked him and stabbed him in the neck, due to which he died. The incident happened near the railway station in Udaipur.

We have seen in the recent past several cases of such sudden violence of Muslims upon an ordinary Hindu citizen who merely objects to some indecency on the part of the Muslims (often involving women). Dhruv Tyagi: a Hindu father who had gone to the home of his daughter’s molesters to ask them to stop this behavior was killed. He was one of many ordinary Hindus killed for mere protest. The list includes:

Sajjan Singh, Yogesh Kumar (14 years old), Santosh, Mangru Pahan, Bhavesh Koli, Sunita, Kupendra, Kanti Prasad, Rajbir Rathore, Vilas Shinde (constable murdered for merely asking a Muslim juvenile to wear a helmet), Sunny Gupta, Sanatan Deka, Loten Nishad, Kala & Vishnu Jatav, Ravidas, Revant Singh, Kaili Devi, and more.

It is time to recognize that this “sudden Jihad upon protesting Hindu” is another social phenomenon that we witness with increasing frequency in India.

Acknowledgement: I thank Hindu Post for their brave reporting on each of the above named victims. We should pool resources to increase reportage on these victims who do not receive extensive reporting that is reserved only for minority victims.

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