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GST: The “other” massive subsidy to Punjab

Punjab's GST contribution is a measly Rs 1353 crores. It is less than a tenth of Maharashtra! It is less than a quarter of the likes of Gujarat, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu.

Why an MSP law would be absolutely ridiculous

In this article, we will discuss why the second of these demands: a law guaranteeing MSP to farmers, is absolutely untenable.

Mohammed Jaffar kidnaps 2 minor girls, plans to sell them (Patna)

During their captivity, the girls were tied up, starved of food, and had cold water poured on them repeatedly in order to break their defiance and make them compliant (presumably towards selling them later).

Raja, Fardeen, and Fardeen kill Vinod for objecting to their lewd remarks on women

in Udaipur, 43 year old Vinod was stabbed to death by three lowlives- Raja Oad (Awad), Fardeen, and a third youth also named Fardeen- for objecting to their frequent lewd remarks aimed at women.

Central subsidy through MSP, and the pampered Punjab farmers

It comes as a shock to many that Punjab IS NOT the most wheat producing state in India. That honour goes to Uttar Pradesh.

The story of the protest against farm bills in one picture

the farmer leadership IS ALREADY EXPOSED at the moment they rejected the government's proposal. It could not be clearer: the government gave them exactly what they wanted, and even more. And they immediately rejected it.

Yet another Hindu boy slaughtered for relationship with Muslim girl

Anshu had been in a steady boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with a Sabiha Mallik, another girl of the same locality. The brother of Sabiha, named Ibrahim, objected to the relationship, and as per friends of Anshu had said "if I see you I will kill you."

Farmer’s vs. Communist’s demands: Day vs. Night

In the year 2008, the same Punjab farmer who is currently hell bent on crippling the country with protest against the 3 farm bills, was, get this, protesting for precisely what the farm bills now make possible.

Here is what is wrong with the farm bills

The farm bills are good, and that the protests against them are motivated not by farmer's interests, but by other vested interests.

What drives some of the “UK voices” “concerned” about India’s farmers?

When Mr. Dhesi speaks in his best crocodile voice about the “water cannons being fired on peaceful protestors”, one has to question his true motives. Is it just another opportunity to malign India? How about the firing of water cannons this week by the TMC government of Bengal on BJP protestors, and the firing of a shotgun resulting the death of a worker,

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