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What drives some of the “UK voices” “concerned” about India’s farmers?

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Meet Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi. He is a UK member of parliament from the constituency of Slough. He also happens to be the first turbaned MP in UK (absolutely nothing wrong with that, that is his religious prerogative which we respect).

Now, Slough has two Gurudwaras that led the campaign to elect Mr. Dhesi. It is generally believed that these two Gurudwaras were instrumental in getting Mr. Dhesi elected to the British parliament. One of these is the Gurudwara Guru Singh Sabha of Slough (Southhall). Like several other Gurudwaras, it is dominated by Khalistani elements. Here is a picture of the main sanctum of the Gurudwara. Notice the two Khalistan banners on either side of the central shrine. Very central position given to Khalistan, one would have to admit.

Now, Mr. Dhesi gave a speech to the community at this very site, while these banners were displayed. Regarding the banners, we are told that they have been continuously displayed since 1984! Here is an excerpt from an India Today article on this.

Speaking to India Today, the former president of the gGurdwara, Joginder Singh Bal said, “The banners have been there since 1984. Banners are not a new thing here.”

Furthermore, when India today contacted Mr. Dhesi for comment, he did not offer any refutation or defense, instead simply pointing to a video that shows his opponent also at the same location. Nothing of the form “I do not support the Khalistan movement or its terrorism in Punjab from 1979 to 1993”, but a tacit acceptance that he is quite OK with the movement. Of course that is the public interface: the private mind of such a person is more than likely to be highly pro-Khalistan. Obviously such banners cannot exist in such a prominent place without the approval of leaders of the community, of which Mr. Dhesi is one of the foremost.

So when Mr. Dhesi speaks in his best crocodile voice about the “water cannons being fired on peaceful protestors”, one has to question his true motives. Is it just another opportunity to malign India? How about the firing of water cannons this week by the TMC government of Bengal on BJP protestors, and the firing of a shotgun resulting the death of a worker (see picture of headline from India Today)? No crocodile tears this time, Mr. Dhesi? Why? Because the victims this time were the much hated Hindus? The truth is plain: it is your hatred for India and Hindus that drives your crocodile tears on highly selective ocassions. The truth is you have neither any knowledge nor concern about India or its farmers.

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