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Yet another Hindu boy slaughtered for relationship with Muslim girl

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While firms like Tanishq try to glamorize Hindu girls marrying Muslim men and make it a “normal” part of Indian culture, we know that the true fate of Hindu girls marrying Muslim men (usually after some form of deceit where the man first introduced himself as a Hindu) is not as hunky-dory. The other case of inter-faith romance—that of Hindu men and Muslim women—has a tragic record of the Hindu man ending up brutally murdered. Ankit Saxena of Delhi, murdered in Delhi by the family of his Muslim girlfriend Shehzadi, is just of many such cases that have occurred in the past couple of years.

Yesterday, Anshu of Patna joined that list of tragedies. A teenager, Anshu had been in a steady boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with a Sabiha Mallik, another girl of the same locality. The brother of Sabiha, named Ibrahim, objected to the relationship, and as per friends of Anshu had said “if I see you I will kill you.” Yesterday late evening, while spending time with friends, Anshu received a phone call from his girlfriend Sabiha asking to meet him. This was around 10PM. Excusing himself from his friend’s company, and explaining that he had received Sabiha’s request to meet, he went to the meeting place.

He never came back.

His phone was switched off shortly after 10PM. Worried, his family started making inquiries as to where he had gone. At about 6AM the next morning, they received intimation that his body, with head was found lying dead in a field. He had been brutally slaughtered: his throat and neck gashed with deep cuts (what is sometimes called a Halal slaughter).

The matter has been reported to the police, and there is considerable tension in the area.

One must really ask the following questions:
1. Why is Islam so intolerant of their women being in relationships with non-Muslim men, when they regard the reverse as a form of mini-conquest.
2. Why is the media so intent on whitewashing this aspect of Islam and its relationship with Kafirs such as Hindus? Is this not leading many Hindus down the garden path to their own slaughter?

Online reports of the crime include: Times of India- Murder of 16-year-old boy sparks mob fury in Patna Extensive ground reporting by IndiaTV, including interview of Anshu’s mother: Patna में मजहब के नाम पर लड़के की हत्या, गर्लफ्रेंड ने फोन कर बुलाया था

Other than IndiaTV, who specifically give out the name of the girlfriend (Sabiha Malik), as well as interview friends of Anshu who say that Sabiha’s brother Ibrahim had threatened to hill him, other channels try to suppress the fact that the girlfriend is Muslim. Some reports simply refuse to report the inter-faith angle at all, so that a reader might think this was just some random crime on a teenager; see for example.

At the moment, let us hope for justice for Anshu and his family.

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