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Mohammed Jaffar kidnaps 2 minor girls, plans to sell them (Patna)

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In yet another shocking incident involving Muslim men preying on women or girls, a tailor, Mohammed Jaffar was apprehended after it was found that he had kidnapped 2 minor girls aged 12 and 13 who had gone out for a walk in the local park and held them captive for over two days. During their captivity, the girls were tied up, starved of food, and had cold water poured on them repeatedly in order to break their defiance and make them compliant (presumably towards selling them later).

Reporting on the case, the Hindustan Times (Patna Bureau) says that “The Patna police on late Tuesday night rescued two minor girls from a Royal Jeans maker tailor shop located on Chandmari Road no-8 under Kankarbagh police station and arrested its owner Mohammad Jaffar and his associate Deepak Kumar.”

However, later in the report, it is said that the girls were lured by Jaffar alone, and brought to the shop. It is not clear what the role of the “associate” Deepak Kumar is; Jaffar is the owner of the tailor shop where the girls were held captive, and the girls tell police that Jaffar was the one that lured them from the park. The report also says that jaffar perhaps planned to sell them. In some cases, it has been noted that a Hindu is also arrested alongside in order to “secularize” the crime. One wonders whether that is the case here as well.

The religion of the 2 girls is not reported.

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