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Caste prejudices reborn: All thanks to the secular party Congress

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If the chaos in Maharashtra today is any indication, the curse of caste divide is on a rise again and this was bound to happen. The dynamic duo of Modi-Shah is solidifying there grip on Indian political landscap with every passing election and for the opposition which is as desperate as Congress, the only option left is to divide the primary vote bank of NDA based on the caste.

The political discourse (although a refreshingly strong one) adopted by Congress during the Gujarat election campaign did set a tone as to where they want to lead this fight. Giving a legitimate political voice to thugs like Hardik Patel, Jignesh Mewani and Kalpesh Thakor, congress has not only dug itself deep into the shit hole of caste based politics but are now continuing to dig this shit hole deeper and further weaken the foundation of a unified India.

The latest tweet from the Rahul Gandhi simply confirms my suspicion of a deeper conspiracy by congress since his confidence level in his tweet while blaming BJP/RSS for today’s violence (without any investigation and a ground report of BJP/RSS instigating violence) is just off the charts.

I would sincerely hope the Maharashtra government does some serious investigation on who instigated today’s violence and the perpetrators are prosecuted regardless of how solid their political foundation is.

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