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Interesting “Tandav” challenges the conventional entertainment in India

Tandav actually challenges the way conventional entertainment has been in India not only for years but for decades now. It's a good story if a right wing student leader is corrupt and greedy but it is not a good story if the left leaning student leader does the same thing.


विलुप्त होती कांग्रेस के लिए दलित सम्मान के ऐसे मौके शायद सिर्फ राजनीतिक जरूरत हैं। दलित सशक्तिकरण का कोई उदाहरण मुझे तो याद नही आता।

Why most Dalits reject “Jai Bhim-Jai MIM”

If a large section of Dalits/Adivasis are poor and backward, our leaders have no moral right to expect us to join their mad endeavour of Dalit-Muslim unity. We simply cannot afford to leave our real issues behind just to support an ideology that gives us the options to “convert, leave or die” wherever and whenever it becomes dominant.

Dalit discrimination in Shivratri Festival of Mandi (Himachal Pradesh) – Is the case ‘Rightly’ interpreted?

Many Dalit writers, scholars, and left-liberals have pointed out this issue in social media and try to interpret the situation from the aspect of the Brahminical hegemony of the religion.

Orthodox Hinduism is not Sanatan Dharm

Hindus everywhere will have to answer the million-dollar question – Is Orthodoxy in tune with the mighty Vedas?

गाजी मियाँ का उर्स नहीं, महाराजा सुहेलदेव का विजय दिवस मनाइए

महाराजा सुहेलदेव को राजभर और पासी दोनों ही जातियों के लोग अपनी जाति से जोड़ते हैं।

Ambedkar vs India’s Freedom

There is a deeper story to Ambedkar's journey than most know

Is the Hindu Right Wing celebrating defeat as if it’s a triumph?

We have spit at ourselves and behaved we are bathed in panchaamrit!

Bogus violent protests and its connection to breaking India forces

Congress is just following the footsteps of the British of divide and rule

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