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Bogus violent protests and its connection to breaking India forces

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The recent attempts to incite violence amongst different sections of Hindu society is yet another mischief played by the breaking India forces under the hidden leadership of INC (Indian National Congress).

Naturally, there has been vast difference between the conduct of a lion and a spider. A spider weaves its largely invisible web as it is incapable of hunting ferociously due to its biological limitations, whereas a lion is as bold as the bold can be. This might depict the recent Indian political scenario.

The so-called ‘opposition’ under the so called ‘leadership’ of Indian National Congress (INC) is hell bent to trap the majority of Indian voters i.e. the Hindus into its devil and devastating plan of ‘Divide & Rule’. What one can say is that they are doing it better than the Britons. Like we Indians play cricket way better than the very nation where it originated, there is a particular section of Indian society which implements their discriminating policies better.

There is definitely a common objective, to rule Indian masses by hook or by crook. While the INC has tried every possible way to make sure that the history repeats itself, for the past 70 years there has been an organization which has evolved, fought, and served its pious motherland throughout, to counter every breaking India force.

This is where THE RSS Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) comes into picture. With an army of people with impeccable wisdom and courage, they won’t let any havoc to take place. This they have proved time and again by providing strong leadership at the most crucial instances such as Atal Bihari Vajpayee when HD Deve Gowda failed and now Narendra Modi, whom India desperately needs to not just make India, a developed nation but to achieve the ultimate status of its existence, Vishwa-Guru BHARAT.

There is a saying, ‘It is the cause that matters’. ‘Nation first, organization second and last, self ‘. This is the motto that RSS and BJP stand for. The missing cause and ideology is quite evident on the part of a party which ruled India for more than six decades after its independence, through its Divide & Rule tactics which it mastered from the British. No wonder Jawaharlal Nehru was so close to Edwina Mountbatten (wife of last British Viceroy, Lord Mountbatten), and what cooked between them can be seen manifested in its most unhuman form of present INC.

One may wonder why different sections of Hindu society suddenly seek reservation?

NaMo didn’t promise reservation when he was elected by a thumping majority after 30 years. He was elected on the agenda of ‘VIKAAS’, which he is very well delivering by path breaking initiatives such as, Make In India, StartUp India – StandUp India, Digital India, Skill India, MAHSR (bullet train), 28km/day National Highway construction to previous 3km/day under UPA. India has become 3rd largest economy (PPP) under NDA-2. We have become second largest steel maker, beating Japan. ‘Swacch Bharat’ is crossing all milestones followed by ‘Swacchhta Sarvekshan’. EPFO enrolled 82 lakh new subscribers under Employees’ Enrollment Campaign 2017. If this is not ‘Acche Din’ than what on Earth is going to satisfy Indians.

The above stated facts, convinces a sane enough of the good governance provided by present leadership. Then, why this unrest? If there is smoke there must be fire. The fire originates in 10JP, the official residence of INC Chairperson Antonio Maino aka Sonia Gandhi. The opposition is definitely unhappy with the unprecedented leadership, by India’s most beloved PM Narendra Modi.

He is winning elections. He is breaking records. He is admired throughout the world. He is walking the talk. In short, he is a rock-star. This is exactly what a country with more than 650 million youth demands. Well, his success is what the root cause of the violence sponsored by Congress and its allies. What they try suppressing is that, Modi’s success is India’s success, and by harming him, they are harming India in every possible manner. They are scaling all heights to fulfill their thirst of power.

The caste-based unrest witnessed by Indians, is very early and well planned. It always starts before the elections. Congress has numerous breaking India cards to be played before the elections based on the geography and the ethnic structure of the state. These black cards are, hitjob by the mainstream media, communal disregard, caste-based hatred, terrorist infiltration and sponsored unrest by Porkistan, border tension with China, irrelevant PIL filing in the apex court, baseless allegations on strong initiatives of present government such as demonetisation, GST, JAM (Jan-Dhan-Aadhar-Mobile) facilitating Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) of subsidies, etc. Communal card didn’t work well in Delhi and North-East elections, caste was used in Bihar, UP, Haryana, Gujarat inciting Dalits, Jats, Gurjars and Patels.

Some might not understand the Pak-Congress and China-Congress connection. I must remind you of various meetings between senior Congress leaders and Pakistani leadership. One such infamous meeting is that of MS Aiyar with ‘Pakis’ in Pakistan, and then again at New Delhi during recent Gujarat elections. Similarly, we saw the forty-eight years old ‘YOUNG’ Congress president, meeting Chinese embassy officials without notifying MEA during Doklam standoff.

Interestingly, the standoff occurred before UP elections and the news of the meeting was suddenly lost due to Amarnath Yatra attack. One must be intrigued by the sudden diversion of news whenever the YUVRAJ or RAJMATA are exposed. This is either followed by some big unhappening or foreign ‘Nani ke ghar’ trips. Some may ask why PAK or for that matter China helps Congress?

There is an old principle in politics – Enemy’s enemy is my friend. Congress-Pak-China trio has common objective, a weak nationalistic government. A weak NaMo, would mean a weak India. This is what Pakistan has been fantasizing forever, and China is undoubtedly the elephant in the room.

What has NaMo done for backward and needy?

  • One shall keep in mind how Swacchh Bharat Abhiyan gave respect and dignity to a Dalit.
  • ‘Ujjwala Scheme’ provided 50 million women with gas stoves, saving smoke of 300 cigarettes entering their lungs.
  • The amazing speed with which Bharat Net has covered 5 lakh villages which will bring social, economic and political benefits to the backward.
  • ‘Mudra Bank’ helped those marginalized, who didn’t get loan due to financial insecurity by granting loans worth more than four-lakh crore to more than nine-crore citizens, of which seventy-five percent are women.
  • ‘PM Awaas Yojana’ is building houses at astounding pace to provide household to every Indian till 2022.
  • ‘Saubhagya Yojana’ is striving to provide electricity to 18,000 household which were untouched by electricity even after seven decades of independence.

That is how a leader deliver on his promises. There is much more statistics of the work done by NDA 2 fulfilling its promise of ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikaas’.

Oh! the breaking India forces just don’t realize the power with which The Modi Army marches ahead, under the leadership of Narendra Modi. Yes! you are trapped in the sheer brilliance of NaMo. If INC propagates violence, it will get exposed. If it doesn’t, Indians don’t give a damn to Congress party. It is the same ‘ecosystem’ and tactics which worked against NaMo in Gujarat. They tried everything, but he emerged victorious. Today, he is much more tough, and better under the sun due to his discipline and never say die attitude.

So, 2019 is definitely Modi vs All (breaking India forces). It is going to be BHARAT vs INDIA, DEVELOPMENT vs POVERTY, FREEDOM vs SLAVERY, LIGHT vs DARKNESS. Congress will leave no stone unturned to return to power and decimate the nationalism, pride, positivity, respect and everything propagated by NaMo in last four years. Hold your seats tight, and if you want to participate in building your motherland, no matter what stand like rock behind NaMo. 2018 is and will be ‘bloody’.

You can defeat a man, a party, but you cannot defeat an idea whose time has come. The idea of #NewIndia, #PositiveIndia, INDIA OF OUR DREAMS. Credits – Pradhan Sevak Narendra Damodardas Modi aka ’56 inch’.

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#ModiBhakt #ProudBhakt
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