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Why are INDIA and BHARAT different?

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Desi Writer
Desi Writer
A writer by passion and student by action. Hate to keep quiet.

The global community refers to the nation cuddled between the lofty Himalayas in the North and the playful Indian Ocean in the South, blistering Thar to the West and the refreshing Monsoon forests in the East as INDIA, the name sealed on our foreheads by our colonial masters. Later, a BHARAT Ratna awardee Prime Minister did not have any objections to the same, and that’s how today, you and me identify ourselves as Indians.

But, you would say, how does it affect us? Be it Bharat or India, does it even matter?

Oh, yes, it so does. India is a new country, only 72 years old. Bharat, on the other hand, is at least 6000 years old. We need to know this because we are not Indians, we are Bharatiyas, an identity lost in the pages of so-called ‘Mythology’. Just saying ‘Jai Bharat’, is not enough until we realise what it actually means.

Bharat, the son of King Dushyanta is the great ruler after whom our great nation Bharat is named. This is the truest, oldest and the most accurate identity of our country. It was until recently, called by the same name. But, why was this name buried beneath the poisoned pages of our history textbooks written by communists? Why are we denied our actual identity?

The answer is very simple- to belittle HINDUS. The name Bharat reflects India’s glorious Hindu past, which undoubtedly gives burns to all breaking India forces. They attempted and were successful, in washing away our actual identity, and replacing it with a so-called ‘secular’ republic called INDIA, just so that Hindus would not be disturbed in their slumber. We didn’t identify this plot and guess what, here we are today unaware of our past, in the slumber of democracy, where the majority lives worse than the minority! Give it a few more years, BHARAT will be a tale of the past.

The western nexus has been doing this, the past 2 centuries. They, first study our culture, rubbish it by calling it ‘Mythology’ and ‘tales’, distort it to fit it into their narrative and sell their theory with the stamp of academians and push their Indian stalwarts to make us believe in their hypothesis, and that’s how generations after generations of deluded, unaware, and falsely educated youth become INDIANS.

The tragedy of our country is that even after getting independence, we chose to remain INDIA. Tell me, does the name INDIA, not remind you of our colonial past? Why do we wear this identity, as a reminder of our chained past? Why don’t we wear the badge of glory with the name of BHARAT? The truth is that the west still is our master, and we their slave. The Western nexus has very correctly judged India’s calibre and hence take every means and measures to make sure that we don’t realise the same. They know that if Bharat is rewaken, their days of glory would be numbered.

Sadly, no one makes a note of these things and continues to consume Western garbage. I don’t know how long it will be before we end our slumber, but I am sure when it will be, BHARAT will be unstoppable.

~RAM once said to Agastya, the saint, ‘Ravan and Bali were great warriors. However, neither was a patch on Hanuman. Nor could they do incredible things of the kind that Hanuman could.’
Agastya replied, ‘Hanuman was unaware of his own powers because of a curse. All the powers that the deities had given him when he was a child had made Hanuman a conceited person. He began to trouble the Rishis. After a while this became unbearable. So, two Rishis, called Bhrigu and Angiras, put a curse on Hanuman. They said, “We cannot take away your mighty powers. Therefore, we will cause you to forget that you have these powers. For a very long time may you be unaware of them.” And that is what happened.~

I know my audience is very capable of understanding this symbolism.

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Desi Writer
Desi Writer
A writer by passion and student by action. Hate to keep quiet.
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