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‘2 in 10 Communists rescued from Kerala floods by RSS will come back to kill them’- Thoo Research

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Washington: Thoo Research, a company specialised in conducting research, while otherwise they would have not suffixed Research in their company name, has conducted a real survey of the people rescued from the recently submerged Kerala.

This survey was conducted across the relief camps in several parts of Kerala. The total respondents of this survey is populated as 500.

  • When asked about the efficiency of rescue missions, nearly 10% of the respondents have given thumbs up to Indian Army, while 30% favored Communists and 60% praised UAE government for rescuing them. Most of the respondents argued that ‘since most of the people of Kerala are in UAE, they did not get stuck in Kerala floods. This is a kind of proactive rescue done by the UAE government.’
  • When asked about the condition of refugee camps, nearly 5% felt satisfied, while 80% of them requested to be moved to the Passport office in Thiruvananthapuram, so that they would have applied Visa for UAE during their stay there. 15% of them said they came to refugee camps to have a look.
  • When asked about the role of RSS in rescue mission, 5% approved of their service. 75% of them believed that the RSS volunteers might have escaped this flood, but they will be killed very soon. A shocking 20% of the respondents, who identified themselves as Communists, affirmed that they will be the ones slaughtering those RSS workers once the waters recedes. Meanwhile, this 20% were actively searching for the 5% who spoke approvingly of RSS in the refugee camps with the help of 75%.
  • When asked about the party responsible for the floods, 5% of them blamed the State government for not opening the dams earlier, while 65% of them blamed the Modi government for punishing Kerala. 30% of them blamed the Jews.
  • When asked about returning back to normal life, 15% felt positive about going back to work, while 85% felt that this just feels like Bandh or strike which had happened for two weeks, instead of the usual alternate days every week.

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