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Dear tomato; why acting like onion and making us cry?

This price jump happens every year sometimes it's tomatoes, sometimes it's onions.

Satire: Feminism is a patriarchal tool of oppression

Gender studies researchers are now focusing on how feminism as a movement has been propagated by patriarchs to oppress women and other non-binary infinite genders.

Diary of a sepoy: How Modi’s fascism ruined the rich heritage of this tolerant land

I am a sepoy. I am disappointed. Very disappointed at the trajectory that India has taken since 2014.

Fault finders of Modi

Modi, has been blessed with a million fault finders. You of course, know who and what I mean when I saw that. But here is a typical example in the context of covid.

The travails of oped writers: How they react with recent election results

How the left brigade take the election results to keep their nose up in any circumstances like: Head I win; tail you loose

Meghan Markle promises to return the Kohinoor to India

The Kohinoor is coming back to where it truly belongs.

सहिष्णुजन पर व्यंग

क्या हुआ… बड़े डरे डरे से नज़र आ रहे हो कही मज़हबी नारे सुन कर आ रहे हो??

‘पुलिस के पुरुषार्थ’ की कीमत हिंदुओं का शव

सेक्युलरिज्म, धार्मिक सौहार्द की कीमत तो हमेशा से हिंदुओं के शवों से चुकाई जाती रही है। इसमें कोई नई बात नही है। ये तो परम्परा रही है।

Celebrities – a news factory

Perhaps celebs' market value depends on how popular they are, how many followers they have on Twitter, Facebook etc. So they have this compulsion to keep their visibility high, at all costs.

The pursuit of mediocrity

Are there not topics that can be lampooned and satirized without the need to invoke the Constitution? How bad is your comedy that you have to invoke the Constitution anyway?

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