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Satire: Feminism is a patriarchal tool of oppression

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Gender studies researchers are now focusing on how feminism as a movement has been propagated by patriarchs to oppress women and other non-binary infinite genders.

They say that a subset of feminism encourages gender role reversals. Women are encouraged to go out and work in the corporate world while men are expected to stay back and take care of the family (cook, rear the children, do the dishes, clean and mop and so on) which was considered the role of women. This is done in the name of promotion of gender equality.

The problem here is that corporate jobs have become more stressful and competitive than they were earlier. This is attributed largely to the advent of internet and enhanced accountability techniques now employed by the companies. According to a survey of 800,000 workers in over 300 companies, the number of employees calling in sick because of stress tripled from 1996 to 2000.

In the Indian context, a recent study shows that Indian professionals suffer higher stress level than most workers globally. Gender Studies Prof. Lal Baal Wali has this to say, “Clearly, this is an attempt to throw women into an abyss of work while the men pigs enjoy at home playing video games.”

On the other hand, the household work has become significantly easier than ever before due to the same technological advancement which has made jobs straineous. Men could now use dishwashers for washing dishes.

They could order food from Zomato, Swiggy or some other app. Moreover, they could keep themselves busy and entertained with either video games or social networking which was traditionally not an option available to women.

This is a clear attempt to make women work so that men could enjoy off their hard earned money. Certainly something which women have never done.

The gore doesnt end here. There is another aspect to it. Men would not earn. So, they cannot pay alimony at the time of divorce. It is possible that men may demand an amendment to the law so that they could get alimony and maintenance fee after the divorce. This could mean that men could now marry and file divorce cases just to get alimony. Certainly not something which women would ever do.


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