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Feminists' hypocrisy

Women’s political Participation in India: A pill to Feminists

The empowerment of women is a key issue drifting across the countries in the modern world, to ensure that countries take a set of legal measures to overcome this issue but in the end, the result is not as desired as expected, the only reasons behind that are our ignorance of the unfamiliar social issues which get less attention because of many reasons but they affect women participation. Women organisations or women's rights protectors are prominently accountable for their less attention on these issues as they blindly persist in the principle of feminism which assumes that the patriarchal mindset of men is the only reason responsible for limited women's participation.

It’s time left-liberals and feminists stopped supporting Islamists

Its indeed difficult to make out what common ground the three groups (Islamists, liberals and feminists) who advocate for one another hold. Their core ideology is completely different in reality.

Satire: Feminism is a patriarchal tool of oppression

Gender studies researchers are now focusing on how feminism as a movement has been propagated by patriarchs to oppress women and other non-binary infinite genders.

The ‘Taliberals’ of India and their hoax propaganda

In their pathetic attempt to compare Hindutva and Islamic terrorism, they are trying to find a common ground between Sharia and Manusmriti, to defend the gun-holding preachers of peace.

Self empowerment or self objectification

Individuals (both men or women) who attribute priority to self-enhancement are expected to be more involved in self-objectification processes.

Pseudo-feminism is toxic for a decent society!

Feminism must prevail in society, but for the sake of equality and women's empowerment, not to subdue men and masculinity.

करवा चौथ: लोक परंपरा, बाज़ार और नारीवाद

बड़ी संख्या में नवयुग की स्त्रियाँ दुविधा में है। करवा चौथ को हाँ कहें या ना कहें। हाँ कहती हैं तो पिछड़ी मानसिकता से बंधी मानी जाएँगी और ना कहती हैं तो विज्ञापनों में पसरा ते लुभावना ग्लैमर हाथ से जाता है।

Is application of western feminist logic to Indic practices justifiable?

Self styled feminists eagerly wait for occasions like Navaratri and Durgostsava to slander Indic virtues. But to what extent does this criticism holds ground is a matter of question which we need to address.

Creation of Misogynistic “Timmaurh Khana” in Sushant Singh Rajput Case

While commenting on the debate of misogyny, who are to the real blame, the parochial political agenda? The patriarchal media trial? The outburst on “Timaurh-Khana? Or many more women either pitted or to be pitted against one another?

Religious secularism

With the hypocritical standards which are followed in this country, a person is looked down upon to celebrate an historical moment in his religion.

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