Monday, April 22, 2024
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Neeraj Kumar

I am a student of M.A political science and have a keen interest in dealing with issues related to political discourse and expressing my viewpoint and perspective on multiple issues.

Women’s political Participation in India: A pill to Feminists

The empowerment of women is a key issue drifting across the countries in the modern world, to ensure that countries take a set of legal measures to overcome this issue but in the end, the result is not as desired as expected, the only reasons behind that are our ignorance of the unfamiliar social issues which get less attention because of many reasons but they affect women participation. Women organisations or women's rights protectors are prominently accountable for their less attention on these issues as they blindly persist in the principle of feminism which assumes that the patriarchal mindset of men is the only reason responsible for limited women's participation.

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