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Fault finders of Modi

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A typical stereotype of slightly older Hindi movies- the family drama ones- have a mother in law who typically terrorizes the innocent sweet ‘Bahu’- the daughter in law of the house. Sometimes this is a step mother who is harassing the child.

How does this character behave? By finding fault in everything. First there is a mountain of vessels to be washed. Then clothes. Then the house has to be swept. Then just as any of those tasks come to an end- there are three new tasks thrown or a fault is found in one of the earlier tasks. It feels never ending. Whatever the protagonist does- there is always some short coming. Either the salt is less or more. Or the food is watery. Or the clothes are still dirty. Or the vessel has a scratch. Or something. Or something. That scene ends with a close up shot of the protagonist- and a rolling tear drop.

Modi, has been blessed with a million fault finders. You of course, know who and what I mean when I saw that. But here is a typical example in the context of covid.

The faultfinders started with, why is there a lockdown.

Then why did you not take care of the migrants?

India is not testing enough. You cannot promise a vaccine so soon.

The vaccine is not ready. It is a fraud.

The vaccine will not be accepted.

The vaccine is too late.

Why are you not announcing a lockdown?

You get the drift. Whatever Modi does there will be someone to find fault in. And while there is enough to criticise the central government – remember India is a federal structure. There are governments at various levels, then there are local authorities and local structures.

And the vultures are it, they have been waiting to see India burn under covid – at last their wet dream has been realised. What has not worked from 2014 – covid has given them a golden chance. They stand by the side finding fault in everything.

Hopefully India will not buckle and we will be united at this critical time – except for the fault finders – they have an axe to grind, remember.

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