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Parikrama for Parivartan: Uni. Cab. Min. Pashottam Rupala began India’s first ever voyage to connect with people living near coastline

Sailing through India's 7,000 Km coastline, Sagar Parikrama reaches Kerala on 7th June 2023.

‘Nepotism’, ‘Favoritism’, ‘Hold’, ‘झुगाड’ can be weighed on the same beam scale

Demoralization, hesitation, distrust, disgust, loathes, and frustration fill up the shattered minds, some may overcome, but a lot can’t, abrupt unheralded distinctive soles mold up. Who is to blame?

Ravivarma Kulashekara: The scion of Dharma in God’s own country

This brave son of Bhārat will be remembered in the pages of Hindu history for generations to come.

The democratic dilemma of India

it is time for the left and liberal political parties in Kerala to shrug off their appeasement strategy and let the law administration authorities act upon these radical Islamists and put them under the bars.

Palakkad– Vision 2050 

2050 Palakkad will be highly cosmopolitan and multicultural, multi-ethnic society. Migrant workers from within and outside the State – both white and blue collar, added to the population.

The life of a native foreign student in Kerala

Returning to his homeland didn't came as a pleasant decision of a student's life where he is mostly outcast in his home state, i.e., Kerala.

Assembly elections: It is in your hands for making historic change

this article is not for die hard party members or who had already made up their mind but for those young voters and others who have not made up their mind and open for different point of view.

The ‘Kerala-model’ secret and the inevitable fall of Kerala state

Kerala-model is nothing but the blessing of gulf countries. This model is all set to die, as soon as the oil demand-supply curve sees a challenge.

केरल में हथिनी की मौत: क्या वे मानव हैं?

इंसानियत को शर्मसार करने वाली घटना केरल के मलप्पुरम जिले की है यहां एक गर्भवती भूखी हथनी को पटाखे भरे अनानास खिलाने से मौत हो गयी। इस घटना के बाद देश भर में गुस्सा है।

NDTV continues it’s hypocritical legacy

After publishing the report at 5:35 PM IST, NDTV edited the report around 6 hours later and carefully changed ‘fed’ to ‘ate’ and from Malappuram to Palakkad district.

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