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NDTV continues it’s hypocritical legacy

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Yesterday India woke up to a shocking incident of a pregnant elephant’s killing. An elephant stood in the middle of water and refused to come out despite villagers’ every tactic. Later she died there and was dragged out of water by the villagers. Netizens were too shocked to react when the autopsy reports came out because the reports revealed the truth.

As per autopsy results, elephant was fed a pineapple laced with an explosive and she was also one month pregnant! It made everyone who came across this incident sad and shameful. Most of the people were outraged after knowing the truth and demanded the strict actions. Newspapers and media houses also covered this brutal incident but one such report stood out, how? 

After publishing the report at 5:35 PM IST, NDTV edited the report around 6 hours later and carefully changed ‘fed’ to ‘ate’ and from Malappuram to Palakkad district. 

Shashi Tharoor used the same report to claim that media houses are wrongly saying that the incident took place in Malappuram. Interestingly, Malappuram has the highest number of Muslims residing and true to their propaganda and political ideology, NDTV and likes of Congress took a proactive approach to set a narrative.

It is an unfortunate incident and people instead of condemning the incident are using that poor elephant’s death to settle their agenda.

New details have emerged in this case and hope that the strictest action would be taken to set an example regardless of criminal’s last name.

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