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‘Nepotism’, ‘Favoritism’, ‘Hold’, ‘झुगाड’ can be weighed on the same beam scale

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The open battle, – still photos, animated versions, trolls on rating and social media ventures the public attire: some with ‘so, so’ attitude, little with ‘astound’ attitude, few with ‘arrogant’ attitude- the verbal war between the honorable “Chief Minister” and the honorable “Governor”, secure the prominent position in the front pages of newspapers and sets up the main heading for media news titles. “I won’t give up”, “I won’t allow you to let me down”– ego clashes hit the pinnacle of vocal rages spurring sparks in the eyes implicating placards shooting up the media ratings.

The row started over on the proposed appointment of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s private secretary KK Rajesh’s wife Priya Varghese as an Associate Professor of the Malayalam Department at Kannur University. Spontaneously the story worsens and deviates from the path stating the proverb ‘A spark can start a great fire’ true. Anyway, this type of skirmish won’t last long, it may be settled constitutionally, judicially, politically, or democratically in the short run. Think tanks on deep ponder over the affair curling their hair, rattling the newspaper on their heads (bald or hairy), and pay special heed in construing concentration to avert image damages for future prosperities.

Here I am not quoting the subject for an argument, discussion, or negotiation as I am very aware of my capability limitations. I know you will be wonder-struck about ‘then what?’. ‘Nepotism’- the word, even though recently only I could evaluate the exact meaning, the essence of the word strokes my sense very early since the 1990s albeit through other words like favoritism, hold, झुगाड, etc., etc. The sense or essence existed, prevails, and subsists in our country specifically in our state. Ranging from the historic manuscripts hitherto the contemporary headlines of incumbent newspapers or replicated pop-ups splashing on the media screens reinstates the asseveration worth rethinking.

I remember one of my old bosom buddies asked me for any influence or connections or hold with any of the political parties or any of the religious or caste organizations prior to college admission, as I was naïve at the time and enquired “why and for what?”. Later, on the run, I was compelled to appreciate the GK of my ‘ लंगोटिया यार’ (langotiya yaar – childhood friend), and gradually I instanced “Better late than Never” in my mind.

The question generated by my best pal reverberated, refurbished, and reflected on many occasions/ events regenerated by individuals and groups, near and far relatives, friends and foes, proponents, and opponents as I transformed through evolution and still enduring the sensation which sustained major alterations without losing the core spirit dangling on the corridors and attics of various government and private departments, now and then broadcasted as breaking news.

‘Favoritism’ is and is to be treated as a noxious episode as it builds an immoral, unethical, and unlawful barrier against the public interest. Citizenship is issued to the citizens by a country that promises and assures promptness, purity, and neutrality in the course of action throughout the employee selection process, ration card issue process, charity allotment process, Welfare fund allocation process, welfare pension disbursement process, etc., and other righteous and privilege beneficiaries attributing to social and economic empowerment from the root level strictly on the basis of meritocracy, pantisocracy, democracy and other cracks that befits the norms.

The most vulnerable areas where the vulgar phenomenon of favoritism, nepotism, and cronyism grabs space are politics, entertainment, business, and other professions. If you put an effort to turn around and observe your surroundings, you will come across some joyful faces of the candidates who had cleared their PSC, SSC, KPSC, etc, etc., among the lot, you will find some or maybe major of them trying to hide their unconfident countenance even though they had dashed the string of qualifying rounds at ease. Why?

Because of the lack of influence or contact or hold or having not even the source to connect on aristocrats and bureaucrats. For instance, you rummage and choose an apprehensive, moody contestant whose name is enlisted in the recruitment list and ask him for the reason for the overcast forecasted on his/her visage. The immediate reply reflects an unsure, unconfirmed one like “Name is in the rank list, not sure of getting the post”, it is not a hard nut to crack to make out the lines hidden in the silent breathing space. They are afraid that the names beneath them on the rank list may jump over theirs to push them some more deep leaving a rare chance to pull up.

Demoralization, hesitation, distrust, disgust, loathes, and frustration fill up the shattered minds, some may overcome, but a lot can’t, abrupt unheralded distinctive soles mold up. Who is to blame?

There is an occurrence which occurred where the misfits are forcibly and fiercely fitted inside out of line rank, while conformists are wandering and wondering to fit in, entailing to the edge of the stage when matters outstrip the grips to fix it. Every neighbour knows the major percentage of seat occupants at governmental or semi-governmental sectors bypass the hurdles with the aid of extended hands or inveigled hands. Nepotism and related practices are a threat to the security and sustainability of a country and descent the percentage rate of the tenacity of citizens to counter the upcoming threats to society.  

In general, the dubious, unreliable methodical system of bending the true merits, if not having a stubborn grip on the reins, may let loose and lay the way for the recreation of corrupt networks resulting in cutthroat systems and in turn, impact the integrity and sovereignty of the country. Our country highly values the concept and ideology of merit, looking forward to an elegant, responsible, sensitive, sensible, and honest public servant at the beck and call of the public.

“Merit as a value and an ideal can or cannot reside in a mechanism created to attain it, but those mechanisms can generate their own values by pursuing meritorious and effectively structuring the business of government. The social system shall degrade further if the teachers are appointed by manipulation and monetary considerations. Under these so did the state of affairs anybody can think that if a teacher is selected in brazen corrupt mode, then what shall be the future of the nation.”

Excerpts from ‘Nepotism and Corruption in the Recruitment in India: Implications for the Governance and Career Prospects of the Youths’ by Dr. Rajkumar Siwach, Professor of Public Administration, Chaudhary Devi Lal University, Sirsa, timidly and openly illustrates the worth of ‘merit’. Let us open our eyes, respond and react against this  heinous corrupted  act of unlawful favouritisms.

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