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Parikrama for Parivartan: Uni. Cab. Min. Pashottam Rupala began India’s first ever voyage to connect with people living near coastline

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Sailing through India’s 7,000 Km coastline, Sagar Parikrama reaches Kerala on 7th June 2023. Union Cabinet Minister Pashottam Rupala began India’s first ever voyage to connect with people living near coastline. “Sagar Parikrama” a voyage for National Interest.

Union Cabinet Minister of Fisheries Parshottam Rupala began sagar parikrama with an intention to serve those who live on India’s coastline and who are dependent on fishery industry for livelihood. India is having the most diverse terrain and so it is necessary to serve people amongst all terrains, this is seen in recent decisions taken by the Modi Government, “sabka sath,sabka vishvas, sabka vikas” is being delivered across all sectors and areas.

Union Minister Purshottam Rupala

It was a challenge for government earlier to take note of problems faced by those living near coastline, but as India has a coastline of 8,000 Km, it was need of the hour that their problems are taken note of, and solved. Knowing the importance of this, Union Cabinet Minister Parshottam Rupala kicked off an initiative to address the problems faced on coastlines by physically going into the depth of each problem to find the amicable solution.

Sagar Parikrama began on 5th March 2022 from Mandvi in Kutch District of Gujarat. Till now Sagar Parikrama has passed through Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Andaman Nikobar islands and Kerala. The most significant aspect which makes the Parikrama effective is that Union Cabinet Minister travel with team of government officers through water ways, to know the actual problems faced by fishermen more closely.

This remarkable voyage for the people “Sagar Parikrama” is in its 7th phase. Sagar Parikrama was kicked off from birth place of Shyamji Krishna varma in Mandvi. The initial plan of the Sagar Parikrama was to start from west coast of India and that too from the starting point of the western coast, therefore the Sagar Parikrama began from Mandvi in Gujarat.

Motive of this Sagar parikrama is to carry the message of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to fishermen and people residing on coastal areas, to educate them regarding the schemes launched by Government of India for fishermen. Kisan Credit Card (KCC) Played a huge role in boosting the income of Fishermen. Initially KCC was provided only to farmers but later the scheme included Fishermen too. While in Mandvi Minister Parshottam Rupala highlighted that Fishermen are provided with 0% interest loan by the Gujarat Government, while it may vary from state to state.

KCC scheme at 7% is the lending rate to farmers including at 2% interest subvention per annumby Govt. of India. Also, another 3% per annum is provided in case of prompt repayment as an additional incentive as per the existing guidelines, fishermen are not required to provide any collateral security for availing this scheme.

Cabinet Minister Parshottam Rupala directed district officers to work in a manner that no fishermen is left behind in providing KCC, Cabinet minister also highlighted that fishermen shall be made accustomed with KCC so that he does not take loan from money lenders who charge higher rate of interest, KCC would increase their savings and generate Income.

In 1st phase of sagar parikrama, union cabinet minister came across some difficulties faced by the fishermen but the most common problem was that fishes are now found far from coastal belt which is in deep ocean and it increases the travel coast of the fishermen. Minister Rupala along with departmental officers decided to make arrangements for “River ranching” which will solve the problem.


– Shri Parshottam Rupala Ji.

During The parikrama Cabinet Minister emphasisied on the usage of “cage culture” fishing method, which will fetch huge returns. Minister urged the society to come forward and use the method for fishing. He also mentioned that earlier fishermen were called “sagar khedut” but it is Prime Minister Narendra Modi who extended the benefits of a farmer to fishermen. During the Sagar Parikrama cabinet minister shared details about the “mats sampada yojna” launched by the union government and urged fishermen to take the benefit of the yojna.

Emphasis was laid on saving marine life too during the Parikrama, during the Sagar Parikrama he took note of ways and methods of fishing, he analysed that some people use nets having negligible net space, because of which small fishes are also caged which is not the correct environmental method of fishing. He expressed his anger towards fishing of small fishes then a certain size and age.

While interacting with coastguards he was requested to make an appeal to the public at large that no fishermen shall go alone for deep fishing so that if one gets arrested, the other fishermen can come back to the coast and inform the coastguard that one is arrested by forces of other nation. He also urged that when 5-10 people go for fishing in a boat according to the capacity of the boat, each one of them shall have a life saving jacket compulsorily.

While launching 6th Phase of Sagar Parikrama Union Cabinet minister Parshottam Rupala laid foundation stone of Fish Landing Centre at Viverkanandapur of Little Andaman which would ensure hygiene in fish handling and will also provide better connectivity in distribution of fishes. Foresightedness of Government was clear, government is ensuring that income of fishermen should increase.

In past no efforts were made by the union government directly to ensure better economic conditions of fishermen or people connected to fishing industry. There was no dedicated ministry to address the problems of fishing industry. The decision was taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to setup an independent dedicated Ministry for Fisheries to address these problems. The present Government has successfully involved itself directly with fishermen and fishing Industry. The direct connect has a huge impact on Marine life and earning of the fishermen.

When the Sagar Parikrama reached Kerala in Phase 7, an interesting atmosphere was created as State Government welcomed the Sagar Parikrama. In Kasaragod, Sagar Parikrama was invited and stage was shared by Congress, League, BJP, Central Government Officials and other regional parties. The unity was seen and felt as the issues of fishermen were the topmost priority. Not only this, immense response was given to Sagar Parikrama in Kerala and Cabinet Minister himself paid attention to all the problems/demands made by Fishermen or stake holders of fishing industry. Kerala’s Demands Relating To Fishing Sector Will Be Sympathetically Considered: Union Fisheries Minister

When a place is not organised, or lacks cleanliness people normally say that is this a FISH MAKET… but i want to work in a manner that fish markets are organised and hygine is followed. I am working with this vision

Parshottam Rupala (Union Cabinet Minister of Fisheries)

In coming days a two day planning session could be scheduled in which Union Cabinet would invite Fisheries Ministers from all the states to discuss the direction in which Fisheries Department will work.

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