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The life of a native foreign student in Kerala

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My name is Sharon, and I have a story to tell you. My story. I was brought up in Dubai, my parents were Indians though. I had spent my whole life there, Dubai was my home. I was doing pretty well but then when I was 13 my Grandma was not doing well so we had to move to Kerala. I used to rarely visit Kerala, And when I left Dubai it hurt me to leave my dad and my home alone, I stayed positive, so did my sister we thought life had to be this way and everything happened for a reason but that’s where we were wrong, and I want every single person to know what a foreign child feels in Kerala because nobody cares about anyone here.

I came to a school here, and in the beginning everyone welcomed me and I felt happy but this didn’t last long. The teachers here do not care about a child’s mental health or anything in that sense. They would always consider me as a different person from the rest of my classmates. Could I at least make friends? No I could not, everyone considered me as the black sheep but not in the best way. I was left out. I always used to wonder what I did wrong was it my fault I couldn’t get along. I am a complete overthinker, I analyze every single thing I could do wrong but in the end, I try not to be so hard on myself, I simply just did not belong here.

I am very disappointed and hurt by every person I have met in this state, The only thing everyone here cares about is their grades. I used to do very well in school back in Dubai, But here I was helpless I was always downcast, every move the teachers and students made affected me in every possible way. 

Over the years I was so depressed and I didn’t know what to do. Everytime I went to school it felt like everyone was just trying to suffocate me and once I entered my classroom it was as if i couldn’t catch my breath. Then I used to mimic different people and their personalities just so I could get friends. Even my sister faced difficulties with the teachers and used to come home crying every single day. 

Everything stressed me out. I wish I could say every bit of the things I am still feeling but I can’t, I tear up every time I talk about it. So why am I writing this? I’m writing this so that atleast few people can change and understand what a foreign student is going through. No child should feel this way no matter what.

This one goes to all the foreign students even the ones through out the country please do not give up, keep fighting. Every thing might seem to let you down but please don’t ever let you’re self down.

I hope you get this message I haven’t seen anyone talk about this before and I felt like this is a subject that should be put out there.


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