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This is why communists tried to spread hate while Kerala drowned in floods

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Ayn Rand famously said that “There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism — by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.”

In Kerala, with the unholy trio of Communists, Islamists and Congress, there is a triple murder.

Kerala – purportedly the most literate state of India – is now the de facto last global bastion of Communism, which has failed all over the world, even in erstwhile USSR, the fountainhead. Well, China is now virtually just a capitalist nation under military rule, still pretending to be communist!

Two important covert facets of Communism – Elimination of the opposition, and Propaganda for the masses – define most of the ruling party’s strategy. Almost 150-200 workers of the Right Wing opposition (BJP/RSS) have been killed over the recent past, just to keep the opposition out of competition. The infamous case of mafia-style cutting of the hands of an opposing professor is well known.

Now, as the opposition increasingly resists this, the Communists are playing the victim card. That’s where the second strategy comes in. The party has invested in Left-wing media heavily who, while even sitting in far-off Canada and Europe, continue to divert the narrative from genuine issues to the usual fault lines of religion, caste and Dravidian.

Sustained propaganda has made the typical Keralite obsessed with the usual Leftist narratives of pseudo-secularism etc. No surprise then that even as flood relief and rescue were in progress, the Leftist media were already focussing on Hindu-Muslim, Aryan-Dravidian and North-South Indian narratives.

A fake report about UAE offering 700 crores was created in a synchronised twitter campaign to embarass India. As also a fake comparison of contributions of states to Kerala showing no contributions from BJP states.

This is the state where the CM misuses relief funds in private helicopter ride, rejects the Environmental Conservation report (which contributed to the erosions), communist leaders go out of state to celebrate Onam because of the floods, and even the famous “why I am a Hindu” MP (Tharoor) fails to come back from foreign trips because the floods are minor, and then goes to UN to cry for UN relief. Relief material coming in from other states are being packed in CPI marked sacks to grab the credit.

Instead, all the state government has done throughout this tragic spate of events is try to project that the Centre is against Keralites in order to create a sense of persecution. Surprisingly, a lot of educated Keralites believe this tirade, which only indicates the effect of Communist propaganda and hints at a sense of insecurity.

This is the state where the so-called prosperity has come from doing menial work in the Gulf, living under Shariat law where hands of Keralites for minor offenses have been often cut. Well, how is it different from Laloo’s Biharis working all over India as labourers. No scope for employment is all it means. But the communist CM takes this is a matter of pride!

One report indicates that there is one NGO for every 95 Keralaites, which indicates the serious gap between requirement and the government’s fulfillment of these. 97.5% of the farmers were not even insured through PM’s Fasal Bima Yojana because the state deliberately did not deliberately implement it in order to allow any credit to the Centre.

This is the state which was the furthermost away from the countless invasions that have wounded India over centuries, but is the most affected by external forces today, be it theocratic or political. This is the state which encourages radicals who provoke other religions by holding beef-eating festivals. This is the state where the court questions the conversion of over 6000 Hindus and Christains (mostly women to Islam), especially the problem in Malappuram and Kozhikode areas. This is purportedly the most literate state of India – by implication more liberal – where women sit behind purdah in classrooms and sexually repressed males line up like beggars when a porn star-turned-actress visits the state.

The communists of Russia and China taught their countrymen to love their own country. Ours taught their country men to love Russia and China, and hate own. Nowhere else is truer than Kerala.

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