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Deforestation of Chikmagalur: Ugly truth behind huge landslides & floods

We are just "Satisfied" if Government (State/Central) gives compensation to affected people, but we need to have concern beyond this and see what is the reason behind it and what is the permanent solution.

Why are problems of flood taken less seriously than reservation in our democracy?

Aren't the people who oppose initiatives like river interlinking responsible for floods in India?

This is why communists tried to spread hate while Kerala drowned in floods

The hatred and misinformation spread by the communists was by design. Read what inspired them.

Kerala’s hour of tragedy – after rescue, time to step back and think

The crisis in Kerala and the impact it would have on its people in the aftermath of the floods

Close Encounter with the Chennai Floods: How it shook the Middle Class conscience

Experience during Chennai Floods was an eye opener - a first person account by a resident.

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