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Deforestation of Chikmagalur: Ugly truth behind huge landslides & floods

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When we all are Busy in discussing about Amazon Rain Forest Fire, can we concentrate what’s happening in Our Country/Our State/Our District?

We See News daily that there’s a major flood, Landslide happening everywhere in India. But do we go behind it and do a bit of research on how this is all happening?

We are just “Satisfied” if Government (State/Central) gives compensation to affected people, but we need to have concern beyond this and see what is the reason behind it and what is the permanent solution.

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Here is the Major Shocking reason for huge landslides and artificial floods in Chikmagalur, Madikeri, Kodagu I found out.

Last Week I Visited Sri Veeranarayana Swamy Temple (Trikutaachala) located in Belavadi, Karnataka. And on the way also visited Chikmagalur (Chikkamagaluru) and was Very very Shocked to See What was happening there.

Chikmagalur which forms one of the major Part of Western Ghats (Western Ghats contains a large proportion of the country’s flora and fauna, many of which are only found in India and nowhere else in the world.)When I was traveling I spotted many bulldozers, Dumpers, workers busy destroying mountains. I Just Stopped by and too Some Photos and Videos of the destruction of forest land/mountains.

◆Picture 1 : In this picture you can see a bulldozer working hard to destroy a mountain.

◆Picture 2: A Forest Mountain being Successfully Destroyed.

◆Picture 3: Half Destroyed Forest Mountain

◆Picture 4 : A Poor forest Mountain About to get destroyed.

◆Picture 5 : Another JCB Busy destroying mother Nature

◆Picture 6 : A Whole Forest Land/Mountain completely destroyed to ground level by 30×40, 60×40 Land Mafias

We have studied from our primary schools that trees hold the soil and avoid soil erosion(which results in landslides and floods ) but why are they not being stopped from committing such grave damage?

Is it because we are least bothered because it has got nothing to do with our daily life? This destruction of forest land are the direct reason for the ongoing landslides and floods which are happening more frequently in Chikmagalur, Madikeri and Kodagu district from past two years. This is just one such incidence. There are many such incidents happening all over India and we all must raise our voice against this.

We need to make everyone aware about this and by all means stop such things before any future catastrophe or Huge damage takes place and then it’s waste if we regret about this in future.

PS : Nature is like Mirror, it treats us in the same way we treat her. So if we try to destroy Nature then it will destroy us too.

-RK Nayak

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