Monday, July 15, 2024



A letter to the youth: Do not be tempted by anarchy

Anarchy is often a psychological reaction that stems from underlying hate against the establishment. 'Anything is right except what you are saying'.

Like Swacch Bharat Abhiyan – Swacch Social Media Abhiyan is need of the hour.

The government, parties, other channels, newspapers, etc, when they have their sites etc why use social media?

This is why communists tried to spread hate while Kerala drowned in floods

The hatred and misinformation spread by the communists was by design. Read what inspired them.

The Brahminical Anomaly

I have to face personal attacks for being a Brahmin.

After anti India posters, anti Holi posters seen in JNU

Those who are spreading venom in the society by publishing anti India or anti Hindu posters should be educated about the righteous and unrighteous activity as given in Vedic literatures.

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