Like Swacch Bharat Abhiyan – Swacch Social Media Abhiyan is need of the hour.

Hatred or Abusement post in social media. Social media is used by several people pro and anti of various posts. Most of them either pro or anti are just doing it for cheap self publicity. It’s all because of plenty of data made available at cheaper rate and improper policy of site owners which post should go online which should not.

Especially after Twitter increased characters as well as video posting live or recorded are allowed by all sites all nonsense is getting online. Why one has to report whether it’s spam or abuse, what the staff employed doing? If it is against standards laid, immediately that post should removed, if repeated block the account. Not the users are to be blamed, it’s the management of social media sites should be blamed. The government, parties, other channels, newspapers, etc, when they have their sites etc why use social media?

On this there should be a rethink on rules and regulations by one all at present prevailing situation in the country. Like Swacch Bharat Abhiyan – Swacch Social Media Abhiyan is need of the hour.


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