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Social media or the social dilemma?

This article is based on the view point of Gen-Z herself and truly is written around the logics and perspectives of her own experience with social media and the various algorithms that follow it.

बेलगाम होता सोशल मीडिया

सोशल मीडिया के महाकाय कॉरपोरेट जब फेसबुक, ट्विटर, इंस्टाग्राम और ऐसे अन्य प्लेटफॉर्म लेकर सामने आए, तब कहा गया था कि इससे दुनिया एक-दूसरे के करीब आएगी। शुरू में ऐसा हुआ भी, पर बाद में ये प्लेटफॉर्म बेलगाम हो गए।

Why is Gen Z facing tremendous mental health issues?

Read how the environment heavily impacts us both in positive and negative ways.

2019 – What is the end game here?

Anything including even terrorism, Imran Khan and Pakistan can be embraced when it comes to hating Modi.

Pause o, the SM warriors

Social Media at times like this becomes a fiend which feeds off your rage and produces rabid individuals who have absolutely no idea of how a reponse to such adversities is framed.

Like Swacch Bharat Abhiyan – Swacch Social Media Abhiyan is need of the hour.

The government, parties, other channels, newspapers, etc, when they have their sites etc why use social media?

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