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2019 – What is the end game here?

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India has always been known as a “Noisy Democracy” and a common Indian has often been called “Argumentative Indian”. The reason being the last 70 years, which have seen protests, movements, violence, even revolutions in some sense. These movements have often been led by politicians who earned big names because of these movements or lend their big names to these movements. But what was common was the support of the common people. It was the ordinary citizen all these years who supported/created these issue-based movements to demand its rights and better governance.

But we are seeing a different kind of picture being played out in India for the last 4.5 years. There is noise, a lot of noise, mostly just noise in these last 4.5 years. But when you look back, you will not find a single major demonstration against this government led by or supported by the common people of India.

Jallikattu, NEET, Tuticorin, Bhima Koregaon, Mandsaur, Maratha agitation, Padmavat or other movies, JNU, Intolerance, NRC and Citizenship bill. All these agitations either were against State Government or Supreme Court like Jallikattu, Tuticorin, Mandasaur & Maratha agitation, were limited in their scope or were contained by the governments like NEET, NRC & Citizenship Bill, or were political in nature like JNU, Padmavat, Bhima Koregaon & Intolerance. And these political protests which were created with the intention to convert into mass movements not only failed to garner much support from the ordinary people but even managed to move many people away from opposition while showing the real face and intellect level of many liberals, celebrities, intellectuals, and even of people that have held high constitutional posts.

So a unique situation is seen today in India where there is lot of noise in Television Media, Social Media, Newspapers, Op-eds, universities but the common citizen is sitting happily at his home while passing judgement and taking sides while these verbal fights are being played out on its TV, mobile, computer or while reading newspaper in the morning sipping his tea. He is not out on the street supporting any of these which says something about these last 4.5 years of governance as well as about the noise in itself.

This is despite the fact that this government has taken some major reforms like Demonitization, GST, IBC, Benami Property Bill; has taken some extremely difficult decisions like Strikes on Pakistan based terrorists, crackdown on corruption, triple talaq bill, NRC, Citizenship Bill, UrbanNaxal Crackdown and many others.

We have had different Congress Governments and PMs, different mixed Governments and their ever changing PMs, and even an NDA govt with Ataj ji as PM. But the system that was created whether political, bureaucratic, judicial, social, educational or media, in the last 70 years or even to an extent in last 800 years, was continuing unabated with some or the other vested interest getting added every now and then. And if we dissect the noise, we will be able to understand what the system was and what has happened in these last 4.5 years.

So where is the noise coming from? Opposition parties most of which have lost not only credibility but people support as well. A section of “Liberals” which consists of professors, celebrities, writers, new or future politicians, social workers, who collectively think they are the intellectual soul of India despite all of them having an extremely open left bias and hate for anything Hindu. A section of people from media who call themselves “neutral, honest, truth speaking journalists”. Another section of people who love Pakistan or are too coward to deal with it. Another section which loves Colonial rule or Mughal rule, hates anything Indian or Hindu and wrongly equates all Muslims with Mughals. And finally the beneficiaries of the system who were scattered across politics, bureaucratic, businesses, industries, Government services, Media, Social Workers, education, etc.

What was this System? It was the system where it was okay to have more than half of India’s population live in extreme poverty even after 7 decades of Independence; where it was okay to have unsolved issues dating back to 700-800 years; where it was okay to spread a Hinduphobic, Guilty Hindu mindset to win elections; where it was okay to treat citizens differently based on their color, caste, religion, gender, ideology; where it was okay to have corruption gone into the deepest levels of human behavior and society; where it was okay to have, as PM said, “Mera Kya? Muje Kya” attitude; where it was okay to live in fear of the powerful and goons; where it was okay to assume that India is meant to be a third world underdeveloped country which has seen its glory days in most of its ancient history; where it was okay to hate and attack anything that is Hindu or sometimes Indian in the name of freedom of speech; where it was okay to not have basic rights or standard of living for most people; where it was okay to fight for years in the name of diverse opinions but never reach a solution; where it was okay to be an underachiever and bicker about it your whole life than to believe in yourself; where “Equality and Justice” were just the words in the Constitution.

Hindus has this amazing ability to mold themselves to be okay in every situation, may be that’s why they have been the longest surviving civilization on Earth while most of the others withered away. They have been able to pass this trait to even other civilizations that either flourished here or moved to this Great Land. May be that’s why you see this system being slowly dismantled by these very Indians when led by an honest, willful, hardworking, no-nonsense Government headed by a Prime Minister who has been an epitome of these qualities in these last 4.5 years.

This Government and its Prime Minister have been able to transform the same bureaucracy from “MaiBaap” to “Public Servant”; have been able to deliver transformative, corruption free, efficient social schemes and governance which were saddled with corruption and inefficiency before; have been able to open the doors of progress for everyone which were closed for a selected few; have been able to make the rule of law as the sole pillar with no appeasement, backdoor deals, middle men or special treatment; and take India to a level where it is not embarrassed about its past, not afraid of the future and wants to build a strong nation in the present.

Never forget what was the main plank on which Narendra Modi was elected in 2014, that it will not be “Business as Usual” – “Chalta hai, ab nahi chalega”. We voted him to power to change the system and he has done exactly that by laying the foundation of a new India. We, Indians, have the habit of waiting for the right leader to emerge to guide us to a common goal. Whether it was Shivaji who led us to get rid of barbaric mughal rulers or Mahatama Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose who led us in the freedom struggle or now, Narendra Modi to lead us in the dream of building a Great New India.

There are noises when even a small establishment is taken down and here the entire system is being dismantled to replace with a strong, confident, honest India where Rule of Law is superior than  religion, caste, social status, contacts, surname; where opportunities are available to everyone without discrimination.

That is why the noises are getting louder everyday where more and more people who were part of the system or enjoyed the benefits of the system, are showing their true colors and thoughts. That is why there is no other agenda but to remove Modi. That is why nothing is off limits when it comes to criticizing Modi whether it is the Nation, the Army, the Supreme Court or anything else. That is why even terrorism, Imran Khan and Pakistan can be embraced when it comes to hating Modi.

Remember, “Lau bhujne se pahle sabse jyada fadfadati hai

The masks are slipping away while the voices get louder. 

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