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Muslim’s obstinate belief of ‘jannat for rape’

The notorious trend of cases of abduction, rape and forceful conversion of Hindu females shall not end until Muslims continue to uphold the obstinate belief of getting direct access to ‘Jannat’ as a reward for raping a Hindu and non-Muslim female.

Rampant attacks on Hindu temples spark outrage in Pakistan

In a distressing series of events, two Hindu temples were brutally attacked and destroyed within a span of 24 hours in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Pakistan’s support for terrorist activities inside India

This article delves into the patterns of Pakistan's patronage of terrorism and the implications it holds for regional security and stability.

Pakistani ISI’s manipulation of Bangladesh’s elections uncovered

According to Gatestone Institute, Pakistan is a state sponsor of jihad terror itself, yet is now claiming that it is Bangladesh and India that have the terrorist problem.

Pakistan posed to become global terror factory

Since 1947, Pakistan has been a failure from independence, as it was always abour fanatical religion and terrorism and its very creation was based on religious hatred, anti-Hindu agendas.

Pakistan is America’s backstabbing ally

American policymakers now need to reboot their Pakistan policy and its decades-old support towards Islamabad, as such relations can only risk America’s own interest in the region, as Pakistan has always been playing the role of a backstabber.

Pakistan: The state in a state of peril

Though the survival of Pakistan for 70-odd years in itself is a big feat for a country being run by the elites for the elites, but the recent public-led campaigns against the army, the government, and the political parties have left Pakistan standing on a point of no return.

Identity crisis of Pakistani Muslims

Today, Pakistani Muslims are a self-destroying, violently confused and a poor lot.

Will the secrets of the Pakistani establishment ever be revealed?

Will there ever be answers to all the complex questions of Pakistani army, society and politics? What is the power behind Imran Khan?

After Pakistan, Ukraine is the new playground for the US; here is how the future looks like

In today's scenario, the US with its whooping $20 Trillion GDP, is miles ahead of any other country. Russia with its less than $2 Trillion GDP is ten times weaker. This is the very recipe of a disaster.

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