Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Rajat Upadhyay

A B.Tech & B.S Undergrad, I am fond of reading and writing. Curious about how the world works, I like reading about geopolitics, domestic politics and international relations.

Pakistan: The state in a state of peril

Though the survival of Pakistan for 70-odd years in itself is a big feat for a country being run by the elites for the elites, but the recent public-led campaigns against the army, the government, and the political parties have left Pakistan standing on a point of no return.

What are Saudi and MBS really up to?

The United States of America has enjoyed its hegemony over the world ever since the USSR disintegrated but now the times are changing, and the world is moving from a unipolar world order to a multipolar one. this article talks about the role of MBS and Saudi Arabia in the same.

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