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First by the flood, and then by CM of the state, Kerala has been disfigured

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A dirty and heinous politics appears to be being played by the Chief Minister of Kerala over the relief aid of 700 crore reported to have been announced by UAE to the state. The aid was never announced by the UAE, but it was claimed that it is being denied by Prime Minister Modi. This has disgraced not only the dignity of the office of Chief Minister of the state but also brought disgrace to our nation. At international level, such politics by CM of Kerala has shown India in a poor light.

In fact through such an act the CM of the state has mocked, sniggered and giggled at millions of people of Kerala who have lost almost everything. No human being with a grain of commitment, sense and righteousness should add fuel to the fire when people are under great distress. The act of CM of Kerala is shocking.

The admission of CM of Kerala later, that a businessman from UAE has telephoned to him that UAE administration has told the Indian counterpart about the 7000 crore aid, is even worse. How can a CM use such juvenile justifications?

It looks like the vested interests want to position Kerala against India so that they can play murky politics of divide and rule. Playing politics during election season is well known but can the CM of Kerala afford it when the state is under disaster?

The communist party of India used to carry the words of Alfred Lord Tennyson in their magazine they used to release years ago – Opinion. It said:

“the deep moans round with many voices. Come, my friends,
Tis not too late to seek a newer world”

The question millions of affected Keralites wants to ask the Honourable Chief Minister of Kerala is that is this way a new Kerala the communist party and the Chief Minister of Kerala seeks especially when the entire state of Kerala is mourning due to unprecedented flood?

Can’t the CM of Kerala find some other occasion to demean our PM instead to causing another disaster in Kerala, which already been battered by the flood?

The above questions India should ask not to the communist party or the Chief Minister of Kerala but to those people of Kerala who have lost everything. Do they need the same party to rule them and ruin the state? If the people of Kerala are ready for a change, Kerala can be rebuild as strong, vibrant, envious state again. But definitely such Kerala is not going to be possible even in imagination if the same destructive and lie selling political establishment continues.

Indians in general and people of Kerala in particular must ask their inner conscience – will India be save and prosperous if such political parties come to power in 2019?

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