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Why is communism popular among the youth?

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Communism believes in antiestablishmentarianism. It talks about challenging the status quo. Voicing your opinions to the incumbents and brazenly showing your dissent to the authority. Basically, it demands from people to become rebels and call for a revolution.

And this is the exact reason, youth, of not just India but of across the globe, romanticism the idea of communism and idolize communists. Actually, not many people know this, but Martyr Bhagat Singh (who died in his early 20s) also used to admire Vladimir Lenin and used to read his work quite extensively.


Karl Max indeed is one of the those historical figures, whose contribution changed the world for FOREVER. His theory changed people’s perception about their surroundings. Earlier, people around the world used to think that entire population always fall ONLY into two categories. King and commoner. Master and Slaves. Leader and follower.

But then Karl Marx came along and smashed this ideology with his a new sociopolitical theory which he mentioned in ‘Communist Manifesto’ and brought the concept of ‘EQUALITY’. He said everyone is equal where he is king or commoner. Everyone was shocked.

As years went by, leaders like Fidel Castro/Che Guevara in Cuba, Vladimir Lenin/Joseph Stalin in Russia and Mao in China, used this theory to awake working class common people to revolt against the incumbents and hence start a revolution. But now as everybody knows how actually things turned out later. Quickly communism turned into totalitarianism and brought heinous atrocities on the people it was trying to save.

The core difference between democracy and communism is that communism can corrupt far more easily than democracy. In democracy, you can see when the government isn’t doing its job properly but in communism that’s absolutely not the case.

So yes, democracy is not the perfect sociopolitical structure but it’s best among the existing options.


Young people now reminisce Che Guevara in adulation as a charming guerilla warfare leader but they forgets how racist he was against Black people of Congo, how homophobic he was towards homosexuals that he either sent them to ‘reeducation camps’ or concentration chamber camps. The Stalin and Mao cases were also quite similar.

See, young people romanticizing the idea of communism is quite understand. They are young, filled with energy and always want to do something. Hence, whenever they see anything wrong happening, they want to accentuate it and criticize the authority responsible.

But here is one problem in this type of behavior:

It doesn’t achieve anything and it’s unproductive.

Criticizing other people’s job and telling them how they should do their job, is easy. Anyone can do that. However, getting in the system and then trying to change things from inside is tough. Very tough. It take years-long studying, strength, courage, work hard and maturity to be in the authoritative position.

Only through those positions, they can create any REAL change in the society. Otherwise, now-a-days, every other Jack & Jill trying to be an activist of some cause and forming picket outside the gates of institutions and yelling slogans to make change, without understanding the nuances of the problem.

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