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Karl Marx

The last days of a moribund ideology

India has never been a fertile ground for the political experiments for Communists and Indian political, social, and economic conditions could have never been utilized by these self-styled socialist groups or parties to their benefit. It is quite difficult to groom a constructive concentrated viewpoint in a multilingual, multiethnic, multi-religious, and traditional society like India, and the war that Communists waged for India ultimately resulted in defeat except for a few victories in some small battles. But ultimately, there is no doubt that socialist ideologies will be buried in the political soil of India, and liberal democrats, centrist democrats, and right-wing democrats will prevail in this nation. The people who still believe in the waning socialist ideology are living in a fetish world and they are the ones who take this country back to the dark ages. Human beings cannot be controlled in their quest to ultimate freedom and the failure of Marxian Socialism is that it viewed human beings as just manageable objects in the revolutions for the success of the ideology. Marxian Socialists failed to understand that when a man is dead, his ideology is dead too.

Why is communism popular among the youth?

The core difference between democracy and communism is that communism can corrupt far more easily than democracy. In democracy, you can see when the government isn’t doing its job properly but in communism that’s absolutely not the case.

Will protestors bring down Karl Marx?

In spite of being very racist against native communities, blacks the so called intellectuals of modern day will never condemn these barbaric statements but will try to enforce us to look beyond these to create a so called egalitarian society which they were not able to create even after innumerous attempts across different countries.

Marx and Management education

While most of his work revolved around the distasteful relationship between employers and employees, his theory somehow fails to connect with the Management Education system that prevails in India and abroad.

Why do leftists all over the world spread Islamophobia?

Leftists are so engrossed in their ideology and beliefs that they can also be termed as "brainwashed" just like these terrorists, Their propaganda is being most harmful to the common Muslims, the very people they are claiming to protect.

Pulwama and the Left: Seven decades of cultural and intellectual banditry

Here are some compelling reasons, and myths that have been systematically built and fed into almost six generations of Indians since India's year of Independence, it is the dissection of a calculated seizure of collective social, economic, cultural, political and historical narrative by a lobby of intellectual bandits, over the last seven decades.

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