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Bhagat Singh

भगत सिंह कम्युनिस्ट नहीं थे

हमारे वामपंथी मित्र ने छूटते हि कहना शुरु किया कि "देखो भगत सिंह जैसे क्रांतिकारी मार्क्स और लेनिन को पढ़कर नास्तिक हो गये थे और वो  कम्युनिस्ट बन गये थे। यदी तुम्हारे सनातन धर्म में जान होती तो भगत सिंह जैसा देशभक्त कम्युनिस्ट नही बनता।

“Braveheart, fanatic anarchist”- What Bhagat Singh wrote of Savarkar, and their common cause

Bhagat Singh and Veer Savarkar were both great sons of India who had different views on religion and nationalism, but both fought for the freedom of their country. Despite their differences, Bhagat Singh held Veer Savarkar in high esteem for his philosophy and his stand for Madanlal.

The revolutionary ‘Bhagat Singh’

His life has become an inspiration for rest of the youth, and his sacrifice became the lamp of freedom.

I love Bhagat Singh… but not in my own home.

The basic difference between doing good, standing for what is right and making sure that you keep your culture alive is very much unlike from advocating and amplifying ideas of disruption.

Why is communism popular among the youth?

The core difference between democracy and communism is that communism can corrupt far more easily than democracy. In democracy, you can see when the government isn’t doing its job properly but in communism that’s absolutely not the case.

Babarao Savarkar, a forgotten hero

The subsequent events in Indian history would prove that Ganesh Savarkar was right. He could not live to see the light of the day India would become independent. His brother Veer Savarkar continues to be vilified and attacked by the Congress party and its ecosystem. However the Savarkar family's legacy lives on and inspires many. Today, the top leaders of India are groomed by RSS, which had Babarao's blessings.

Why leftists hesitate to appropriate Veer Savarkar

It was the Congress which continued to attack Savarkar the most, years after his death. They feared that once Indians got to know Savarkar fully, Nehru and the Congress would be washed away. The fear of Indian Independence movement being democratised would mean the end of Nehru dynasty's divine right to rule. Savarkar's life would open a can of worms for them since it would include his meeting with freedom fighters like Rash Behari Bose, Madanlal Dhingra etc. Many such freedom fighters were not given a deserving position in the History written by Marxists.

You will be shocked to find who testified against Bhagat Singh in the landmark case ‘Union of India Vs Bhagat Singh’

The two men who witnessed against Bhagat Singh were Indians and their descendants enjoy a healthy social positions.

Why Gandhi fell out with Arya Samaj

President Radhakrishnan said, Swamiji has been called “The Grandfather of the Nation; if Mahatma Gandhi is the Father of the Nation”, Find out why.

Remembering Bankim Chandra and Vande Mataram

Let's look at a few interesting facts related to Bankim Chandra's creation Vande Matram on has his 179th birth anniversary.

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