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Kishan Dev

Provocative Trash-talker. University of Delhi.

Adani Group’s economic expansion vs. India’s green future: The Hindenburg Report sparks a heated debate

This article will examine the claims made by BJP on Adani group & provide a rebuttal to the opposition's allegations.

A visit to Mithila

My visit to Mithila after six to eight years revealed significant changes, particularly in the condition of the roads, which had greatly improved.

“Braveheart, fanatic anarchist”- What Bhagat Singh wrote of Savarkar, and their common cause

Bhagat Singh and Veer Savarkar were both great sons of India who had different views on religion and nationalism, but both fought for the freedom of their country. Despite their differences, Bhagat Singh held Veer Savarkar in high esteem for his philosophy and his stand for Madanlal.

Murder, rape, & lynching: The descent of farm ranchers into terrorism

On the off chance that boorishness and ruthlessness had a human face in this day and age, it'd be the supposed ranchers crouching at the lines of India's public capital city, Delhi.

The covid disaster of Maharashtra, and why is no one talking about it?

Brazen shamelessness of the Uddhav government in Maharashtra, whether it was the backlog deaths due to COVID in the state last year or the latest backlog deaths being added to the state records for face saving, this year, it is always magnificent how the Maharashtra government still manages to promote their mismanagement through thanks-giving tweets from Bollywood celebrities as the best handling of the pandemic in whole India.

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