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The revolutionary ‘Bhagat Singh’

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Bhagat Singh, a socialist revolutionary of the 20th century who bestowed his life for the nation at a tender age of 23.

Bhagat Singh was born in 1907 in the Punjab province. His parents, Kishan Singh and Vidyavati were a part of India’s freedom struggle so he was exposed to the idea of freedom at a very early stage of his life.

He completed his schooling from DAV High school, Lahore. His grandfather was follower of Arya samaj founded by Dayanand Saraswati, which also had an impact on Bhagat’s life. He joined National College of Arts for his higher education.

He was convinced by the socialist ideology, and founded the Indian socialist youth organization, known as Naujawan Bharat Sabha. He was a member of Hindustan Republican Association (HRA) founded by Ram Prasad Bismil which was later named as Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA).  He raised his voice through his writings in newspapers and magazines and his revolutionary thought forced Britishers to arrest him in 1927 alleging that he was involved in the bombing that took place in Lahore in 1926, later he was released on a security of ₹60,000.

When the procession led by Lala Lajpat Rai protesting against the Simon commission of 1928, was condemned by police which used batons to disperse the crowd, Lala Lajpat Rai got serious injuries due to the lathi charge and he died of a heart stroke in 1928.

This incident shocked Bhagat Singh and he planed to avenge his death, along with his friends, Chandrashekhar Azad, Shukhdev and Rajguru he planned to kill James Scott who ordered the lathi charge. Due to some misunderstanding they killed J.P Saunders. This act was condemned by Gandhi and other leaders who saw non- violence and non-cooperation as the only possible way to liberate from the astrocytes of the Britishers.
As the investigation begun, they left Lahore to hide at a safe place and to wait till the matter suppressed. He changed his looks and adopted a western attire, got his hair cut as he gave up turban and shaved his beard to get an English look.

He strictly condemned the the Trade Dispute  Act and Public Safety Bill, In order to court arrest, Bhagat Singh and his friend Batukeshwar Dutt threw bomb in the Delhi Legislative Assembly, their aim was not to harm anyone but to protest against the two bills. Later they were arrested and were put under trial. Bhagat Singh was given life imprisonment which later turned to death sentence when he was found guilty for Saunders murder case, meanwhile in jail he continued his struggle with the same enthusiasm, by going on hunger strikers against poor facilities for political prisoners.

He also used read books and write letters in jail, one of which was “Why I Am An Atheist”. His life became an inspiration for rest of the youth, and his sacrifice became the lamp of freedom.

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