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Worst is yet to come, courtesy of Communism

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Chamkaur Singh
Chamkaur Singh
Not a professional writer or blogger.

Well first of all I must say that I have never written an article in English and it is certainly not my mother tongue, so yeah, I will try my best but you will have to excuse me for most of the part. Again why I chose to write in English? Well, because there’s a first time for everything. So let’s get to the point or points because there are many to discuss.

So I’m one of those people who used to spend their free time on weekends hanging out with their friends, bowling or watching movies, trying new restaurants or even in my free time at home I used to watch movies, TV series, or MMA fights all the time, never really paid attention to the news related to the social Indian politics let alone US, but the events in the last two years has changed a lot for me and I am not even talking about COVID.

I was part of a social circle that was liberal a.k.a leftist a.k.a communist (to my readers in USA if any I have one more a.k.a for you and its Democratic) and trust me I voted for the Communist Party of India (CPI) twice and so did my family for years. Now the reason behind that were the 1984 anti–Sikh riots, where the Communist Party of India (CPI) was actually able to control the damage in their state better than any other political party did in theirs. And by damage I mean save lives of Sikhs and that was the only reason for my vote for Communist Party of India (CPI), nothing else.

But that was then I am not saying that CPI is killing Sikhs now because CPI has always appeased the minorities and they will continue to do so. But now I see how this communist ideology is bad for us and almost for every nation across the world and the recent riots in India and USA are fine examples of it.

So let’s see how this Communist virus has affected India and USA in same manner.

Education System: School, Colleges and Universities

Unfortunately for India post independence in 1947, the responsibility for creating the syllabus, curriculum, books or the entire study material starting from the first standard all the way up to the universities was given to the communists.

Why? Because they were the only educated people back then, well not only but mostly.

So what was the outcome? Exactly what is happening in the US schools right now, they filled our study books with hate towards our culture and traditions. Of course every religion or culture has some flaws but it is not fair to hide one’s crime and expose the others. These communist glorified the Mughal Rulers in our history books who literally destroyed our Nation and converted people forcefully and killed who refused.

Now why did they glorify the Mughal Invaders? Because their descendants are the so-called minority in the current India. And this is just one example of many, my point being, because of the books we read as kids we grew up hating our culture, our traditions with a revolt mentality, seeing those who respect all of the mentioned above as oppressors a.k.a Nazis. An entire generation of India is destroyed because of the education we received but US you still have time, if you don’t believe me then go watch Glenn Beck’s Special “BRAINWASHED: How Black Lives Matter Hijacked Our Schools” on YouTube.

Wish someone made a video like that in India back in the 60’s but then again we didn’t even have radio back then let alone TV, and now every single college and university in India is filled with these far leftist teachers and professors and we have genuine instances where these teachers have failed students who do not agree with them.

While I understand that the degree level course of “How to become a Democrat/Liberal/Leftist/Social Activist” is offered in the American colleges and Universities, it is the primary education that should be paid attention to. As Glenn describes in his video that children are being taught to revolt against the society, the government, hate their culture and family values and become a marxist protestor in the form of a very nice and attractive games and classroom activities. The outcome of this will create many communist teenagers and what do these communist teenagers do? Well they don’t go to church that’s for sure, because “Communism is incompatible with the religious faith” said the famous Nikolai Bukharin and Evgenii Preobrazhensky on religion, in their book, The ABC of Communism.

The mainstream media

Almost every mainstream media outlet be it in India or US glorifies, absolutely glorifies these the radical leftist and their so-called peaceful protest. People of India had a taste of these peaceful protests just back in January and February of this year, when these so called peaceful protesters burned shops, homes and even people in the Nation’s capital, Delhi.

Why? Because the government decided to give asylum to those getting religiously persecuted in our neighboring countries. Countless people were murdered in these riots and none of the news channel be it AajTak or NDTV covered it; on top of it the famous VICE did a special on the mastermind of these riots and portrayed him as an aspiring student and social activist.

Can you name one, just one conservative news channel or media outlet that covers everything that they should? Or you may find a few but are they financially capable enough? Do they have the reach? Are they not getting censored every now and then on social media? Are they not getting harassed or death threats? Are they not getting physically assaulted regularly? The answer to all of these question is very obvious.

In India when it comes to the mainstream news channel there is only Republic Network and when it comes to online news portal it’s OpIndia and frankly speaking there are few more that claims to be non biased but their hypocrisy keeps getting exposed every now and then.

Be it Arnab Goswami and his entire team, I mean literally every single employee of Republic Network has at least one Police FIR against them with Arnab leading the charge with more than 200 FIRs, harassed, interrogated by the police countless times and very recently arrested illegally and even assaulted, same goes for the OpIndia Editor Nupur Sharma and CEO Rahul Roushan.

In US people are still suffering from the riots erupted after the date of George Floyd and let me tell you it has nothing to do with his death it was just a mere excuse for them to Burn, Loot and Murder.

Channels like CNN and MSNBC will also call them peaceful protestors, I mean they even showed a cars burning in the background during a live broadcast and called the riots Fiery But Mostly Peaceful.

Very few media outlets like Blaze TV, Daily Wire and Brietbart will show you the truth, but then again they are getting censored, banned, fact checked left and right. They don’t have tons of millions of dollars to run their business, or some fancy lawyers or law firms to fight back but they still risk their lives to show us the actual face of communism, kudos to Elijah Schaffer for his coverage on BLM and ANTIFA riots.

I mean I could go on and on and on but it doesn’t matter if you don’t stand up and by that I am not asking you to come out on the streets and start protesting, you sure can if you would like to but don’t stay silent anymore, speak up, raise your voice, pay attention to what is happening around, use your best judgment to weigh in on the political and social issues instead of following FAKE NEWS like sheep. Staying silent will only get you a leader like Joe Biden in US and Gandhis in India because the damage has already been done and the worst is yet to come, “only together, all of us, and even then it might not be enough but at least we’ll give the f—ers a fight” — Jon Snow.

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Chamkaur Singh
Chamkaur Singh
Not a professional writer or blogger.
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