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The Indian State of Left Bengal– Desensitized

If there is anything that has affected Bengal residents more than COVID then it is short term memory loss, we forget and ignore things very quickly and as per the doctors it often happens due to brain injury, illness or due to the effects of drugs or alcohol but all we need is a season of IPL or Big Boss and BAM! Who cares if their neighbor died yesterday?

Worst is yet to come, courtesy of Communism

Staying silent will only get you a leader like Joe Biden in US and Gandhis in India because the damage has already been done and the worst is yet to come

छबील, गुरु अर्जन देव जी और मुग़ल

इतिहासकार गुरु जी के शहीद होने का कारण कुछ भी या किसी को भी बताएं, पर सच यही है की उनके बढ़ते प्रभाव और अनुयाईयों से मुग़ल और खासकर उलेमा बिलकुल नाखुश थे या यूँ कहलें कि उनमें ख़ौफ़ था, जी हाँ ख़ौफ़ अर्बी वाला।

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