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देश को अब टू नहीं “वन चाईल्ड पॉलिसी” की जरूरत

हमारे देश में 'हम दो, हमारे दो' का कॉन्सेप्ट कई दशकों से चला आ रहा है. लोगों को जागरुक किया जाता रहा है, लेकिन अब देश मे टू चाईल्ड पॉलिसी की नही वन चाईल्ड पॉलिसी की आवश्यकता है.

Hijab – Illusion of choice

hijab is not a choice but a forced injunction on women. We can equate it to abortion ban and restrictions on contraceptives that Christian women face in western and catholic countries.

Empowerment of marginalized sections of society in India

This article precisely discusses the leftist and rightist viewpoint with several recent instances on the ineffectiveness of the government (schemes not sufficiently viable) and never ending atrocities on the marginalized either physical or mental.

Cousin marriages: Why not to perform

n cases where the gene codes for a disease process and both the parents have the same gene. The child is found have the disease. Children from cousin undergo numerous problems.

‘What Bengal thinks today’: Studying the West Bengal assembly election 2021

This Assembly Election in West Bengal is not same as before for many reasons, some of which are obvious, some are not so enough; here is why the election is so unusual this time.

The history of hatred

Indians keep on doing Dharma Yuddha, honourable to the last; dying is nothing to Hindus, they are born as sacrifice to the motherland, a debt of soil that turns to warrior blood seeking death before dishonour.

Left, not so left

Historically the left- liberals or communists maintained aloofness form religion, but as there is always an Indian touch to everything this is not the case in India.

“Secular Coffee”: Life of a Tea Enthusiast

Satire: We live in the world of GENERALIZATION. This generalization is against liberal values, hence will end the world!

[West Bengal] Muslim mob pelt stone and vandalize roadside shops after residents protested against alcohol consumption outside their house

A part of the Muslim mob entered the house of one Hindu resident and assaulted the owner and his grandson.

The rejuvenated Hindu, the clash of world views and the way forward

To understand the essence of Hinduism, the powerful ideas of “Aham Brahmasmi” and “Tatvama Asi” need to be understood in their true essence.

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