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The history of hatred

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The wealth of India attracts invaders since ancient times.

326 B.C: Alexander the Great is turned back from assaulting and conquering Indo-Gangetic plain by mutiny in his armies, scared stiff of battling another giant Indian army with war elephants. Chandragupta Maurya kicks out the Seleucids from Gandhar; Menander, Bactrian Greek king a.k.a Milinda discusses Buddhist philosophy at length with Panho. The next people to invade India are the Sakas; the great king Kanishka becomes an eager follower of Indian religious beliefs. The Huns invade and assimilate as ‘Chouhans’, succeed as fighting and ruling people, strengthening the fabric of Indian social structure. Islam changes all that.

644 A.D : India is the richest, most populous, industrious, productive, tolerant, scientific, spiritual, peaceful, stable, and successful confederation of proto-feudal nations on Earth. By standards of the savage times, it’s paradise on planet.  

Savagely insisting on own superiority, blind to beauty of peaceful civilisations, a colonising people, urged by a ‘holy book’ which commands and commends slaughter, mass slavery, and institutional abuse of women bursts into India. Conversion at sword point, death, or tribute is what they offer, refusing to co-exist or assimilate into Indian society and culture. Never before or since is such tyranny, oppression, hunting children, kidnapping women, sanctified murder, ruthless exploitation and brutal ‘reprisals’ inflicted on any land at any time.

They believe mercy is a weakness and compassion is cowardice – Prithviraj Chouhan let Muhammad Ghory go free following first Battle of Tarrain according to rules of Dharma Yuddha; he comes back, defeats Prithviraj, blinds him, tries force-feeding him cow meat, and very likely sells Sanjukta and his daughters into slavery and rape. Every treaty breaks, every truce is defiled, every promise is worthless, every kind gesture meets with vicious violence. They call anything beyond Islam ‘Dar-ul-Harb’ – house of war, total war, war by any means, war to extinction, war of annihilation, war for death and slavery, war in extermination of culture, war unmatched in sheer relentless hate. They don’t just kill you, they try to erase any memory of you or your culture; they don’t just subjugate you, they humiliate, gloat, and deliberately rob you.

Indians keep on doing Dharma Yuddha, honourable to the last; dying is nothing to Hindus, they are born as sacrifice to the motherland, a debt of soil that turns to warrior blood seeking death before dishonour.

1757 A.D : Ahmad Shah Abdali declares “city of Mathura is the holy place of the Hindus, let it be put to the sword, up to Agra leave not a stone standing.” 10,000 Jats from Brij, their prince Jawahir Singh in lead, stand in their way and for 9 hours kill wave after wave of snarling Muslim hordes who break upon Jat steel like cyclone driven surf against granite mountain. They take 12,000 rabid dogs with them to the afterlife, and Muslims savagely sack Mathura. “Everywhere in lanes and bazaars lay the headless trunks of the slain. The whole city was in flames and the water of the Jumna was bright red with blood.” gloats a Muslim writer.

Bijapur Sultan Ali Adil Shah I visits Vijaynagara in early years of his reign, is greeted with great pomp and glory by Aliya Rama Raya. He offers great gifts, honeyed trade relations, and his diplomatic soft words lull Hindus into sense of complacency while he forms ‘Muslim Confederacy of the Deccan’.

1565 A.D : On 23 Jan, day Subhash Chanrda Bose is born, Ali Adil Shah I corrupts two Muslim commanders in Vijaynagara army at Battle of Talikota; reverting to true nature of Traitor, they attack and behead Aliya Rama Raya who treats them like ‘trusted allies, comrade in arms, friend, and brother’ to the second before Muslim swords chop and hack into him. It takes years of extreme effort to raze Vijaynagara, capital of last Hindu Empire. Robert Sewell laments “With fire and sword, with crowbars and axes, they carried on day after day their work of destruction. Never perhaps in the history of the world has such havoc been wrought, and wrought so suddenly, on so splendid a city; teeming with a wealthy and industrious population in the full plenitude of prosperity one day, and on the next seized, pillaged, and reduced to ruins, amid scenes of savage massacre and horrors beggaring description”.

1201 A.D : Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khilji attacks universities  Vikramshillah and Nalanda, thinking such great buildings must be forts. His men slaughter hundreds of saffron, yellow, or red clothed ‘soldiers’ with shaved heads, piling mountains of scrolls and parchments into giant bonfires, stating ‘if the books paid homage to Allah they are unwanted extras, if not about Allah they are kindling.’ Thousands of years of art, literature, science, architecture, philosophy, religion, culture, music, medicine, statecraft, and history burn brightly for days.

1000 A.D : Gandhara of Hindus, where every second big stone is a Buddha statue, Jain tirthankar, Hindu deity, Greek and Roman god, noble ruler, beautiful women, and Buddhas of Bamiyan is now Kandahar. The mountains blocking passage to Central Asia are called “Hindu Kush” from tens of millions of Hindu women, children, and skilled labourers perishing on way to jam-packed slave markets in Bukhara and Samarkand – so many they are sold cheap in job lots. Al Beruni is frustrated because Hindu science and technology retreats out of his grasp and fount of ancient knowledge – concept of zero, Indian numerals, algebra, spherical globe, sophisticated geometry, advanced chemistry, plastic surgery, decades-ahead metallurgy, astronomy, astrophysics, sexual technique, aphrodisiacs, even chess and moral fables – can no longer be tortured from captured and enslaved Brahmins.

1568 A.D : Chittorgarh commits “ Jauhar ” before Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar sets foot in citadel, stepping over corpses of every Hindu male in the fort fallen in battle facing front, for home, heart and honour.

Muslim slaveholders by Shariat law can rape any enslaved female in his possession regardless of age, buy or kidnap unlimited number of slave girls, sell enslaved children whenever he wants, beat women for refusing sex, share slave women with other men, and requires ritual washing after raping to ‘cleanse’ himself of ‘filth’ from an ‘infidel’ woman. They are legally encouraged to kill women by burying them to the waist in ground with a crowd of Muslim men stoning her for ‘blasphemy’, ‘lewdness’, or ‘adultery’. Free Hindu women prefer “ Jauhar ” to the ‘harem’, die by poison rather than submit to Muslim men, marry when children in hope of safety, keep under veil and seclusion, and to escape abduction and gang-rape gladly ascend to glorious “ Sati ” on funeral pyre of husband.

400 years Hindus defeat every Muslim army attacking India; some say Muslims in final desperation herd cattle before their army because Hindus won’t fire on holy cows and bulls and are then easily massacred, they desecrate temples with cow blood and throw rotting cow carcasses into sacred pools to damage Hindu morale, and pretend to surrender and submit before stabbing in back.

1947 A.D : Muslims and Hindus are roughly equal in weapons and fighting men, Hindus are finally angry, and for once British Raj is not intervening when Hindus are winning. Butthurt Begum Tassaduq Hussain wails about 90,000 Muslim women missing in Partition violence, Nehru government can only force about 200 Muslim women from Delhi to go back to Islamic Pakistan, and Jats in righteous vengeance send every Muslim they see on permanent peaceful journey to Allah. For a while, Pathans attacking Kashmir sell captured and enslaved Kashmiri Muslim women and children to Muslim men at Muslim slave markets in West Punjab, paying sales tax to Muslim Pakistani administration.

No arrangement, no accommodation, no business, no compromise, no covenant, no cultural exchange, no co-existence, no ‘live and let live’, no mutual friendship, no Memorandum Of Understanding, no peace, no reconciliation, no terms of agreement, and no word of dialogue is possible with Muslims when Islam is in power. Muslims are cancer – foul, bloated, corrupting, suffocating, insidiously creeping, and always lethal.

It is, as it has always been, a survival war since Rasul Muhammad declared ‘paradise is in shadow of swords’, between Muslims, or us Hindus. Only one will survive, and I’ll be damned and dead before I submit to circumcised pigs.

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