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An Unquiet Writer

Mr. Pragyanshu Gautam is a law aspirant (a second-year B.A.LL.B student more specifically a third-semester undergraduate law student at Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur, India). Pragyanshu believes in independent research and is still developing interests in diverse fields of law. He have had excellent analytical and critical thinking skills since his school days which is evident from participation in various debates (formal or informal) held within his community or others and writing articles in present. He is literally obsessed with his work and naturally organize things, even the smallest or huge ones as a part of his daily routine. His main objective in life is to regularly making a positive impact on society through legal practice. A particular aim of him is to contribute to Creative Writing and Legal Writing that is not solely concerned with the status quo but the creation of alternative ways of solving problems.

Empowerment of marginalized sections of society in India

This article precisely discusses the leftist and rightist viewpoint with several recent instances on the ineffectiveness of the government (schemes not sufficiently viable) and never ending atrocities on the marginalized either physical or mental.

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