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Cousin marriages: Why not to perform

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Cousion marriges are customary in few parts of the world, This trend should be discouraged as it has detrimental effect on future generation, The established cultural tradition increases the risk of birth defects which ultimately leads to a rise to a death rates in such communities. Every human recieves 1 copy of gene from there parents if both the parents are linked they might have similar variant of that gene. In cases where the gene codes for a disease process and both the parents have the same gene. The child is found have the disease. Children from cousin undergo numerous problems.

They are more prone to various diseases such as Congenital Malformation, Blindness and deafness, Learning Disabilities, Cognitive Impairment, Cardiovascular Disease, Asthma, Down Syndrome, Metabolic Disorders cystic fibrosis, Blood ailments, Thalassemia, Cancers and many such other complications which may also include some incurable and complex disorders, Cousion Marriage is a sensitive issue as it has been our tradition since ages. People perform these type of marriages to associate benefits such as social and marital stability with it this custom then come at a higher price.

It is essential that people understand the gravity of a situation and take steps to prevent this. Parents who are linked should get themselves tested to check if there genes carry any mutation that the Children may inherit to prevent them undergoing several disabilities or early death. It is the rule of every citizen to promote a healthy society as its our responsibility to make ourselves aware and to work for a better and a healthier future for our offspring and the community at large. Cousin marriage is also Prohibited as per Hindu marriage act and the same is considered as illegal.

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