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“Secular Coffee”: Life of a Tea Enthusiast

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In India, some coffee brands are causing health issues thus people are angry about coffee makers which indeed is promoting bad words of mouth. This is not accepted by the coffee enthusiasts in the country, though they know the harmful substance which is causing the problem. They are in auto denial mode. They fear that some day consumption of coffee will be banned and Tea will get promoted. They are saying due to few brands why all the brands are getting negatively rated in the market. They are arguing that tea also caused death in Hambantota and Mogadishu few days back, the Harappa civilization had also get destroyed due to tea etc. They are doing their every bit of effort to neutralize the things as they say they don’t believe in GENERALIZATION. No doubt, from a distance of 1.20³ Light years it is a valid point.

On the other hand, tea enthusiasts are having problem with coffee enthusiasts because they think they both are in the same league but coffee makers are cutting the road for tea industry by creating a negative impact on the mind of people by bad drinks. They believe the problem with coffee may get spread to tea and they will eventually end up getting fired from the market. Their points are, why don’t the coffee enthusiasts speak against the bad brands?, why they always get involved in defending their sins?. This is too a valid point.

A few days later, this time Tea caused some minor gastritis problem. Next day in TV, social media, foreign news papers, international airports, International Space Station, Mars, Proxima Centauri, Andromeda, everywhere article published and prime time shows were organised by the Coffee makers to give gyan about Tea and its evil effects. They forgot to have any mercy for the emotions of tea enthusiasts. They left no stone unturned to defame a century old Tea industry which has been regarded as the life saver for long.

In some other news, a person called ‘Generalization‘ teleported to Wuhan (Somewhere in China) as all the modes of transportation are closed due to recent Corona Virus outbreak and silently took his last breath.

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