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Let us abuse Modi some more

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When Modi was re-elected in 2019, everyone thought that it was the end of opposition in India. Fake liberals and closeted corrupts had thronged the television and youtube channels to show their grave concern for the survival of democracy in India. Those voices grew louder when Modi, boosted by the presence of Amit Shah by his side, spent the first 6 months after the 2019 victory to complete the major Hindutva agendas whether it was the construction of Ram Mandir or abrogation of Article 370 or CAA-NRC. Even the ardent supporters of Modi felt a sense of pity for those deranged voices, with him moving forward at the speed of bullet train.

Then something changed. In fact, a lot changed. The next 2 years were spent firefighting whether against once in a century pandemic which had destroyed the countries with the best of healthcare or the anarchy in the name of protests against CAA and farm laws. Despite these mega challenges, Modi was still being considered infallible. Then came Bengal elections, or rather the post poll violence which saw the murder of hundreds of Hindus and migration of thousands in fear (first such major intra country migration after the migration of Kashmiri Pandits three decades back). Modi supporters were coming to terms with this realization that Modi is human after all (and thus not infallible), that he gave his supporters one more shock by taking back the farm laws after almost an year they were passed.

With criticism rising for the “Hindu Hriday Samrat” so much so that the title seemed to have been shifted to other leaders like Yogi Adityanath or Himanta Biswa Sharma, by many. This shift has only increased since then with the latest spree of “Sar Tan se Juda” killings by the Islamists all over India which have been preluded by the attacks on Hindu festivals, shaming of Hindu sentiments over Gyanvapi Shivling issue, and Nupur Sharma episode. One can see the growing criticism for Modi, not by the Islamist leftist gang, but by the avid Hindutvawadis who have been raising their voices for Hindu lives and culture.

If you only go by twitter and some youtube channels, you could be forgiven for believing that a person who was once hailed as the solution for all the Hindu problems has become the biggest roadblock in realizing a Hindu Rashtra. And I will not demean those voices by saying that all the criticism is unwarranted or driven by those with ulterior motives. So the question arises what has changed in the last 12-15 months? The answer is Hindus have finally woken up from their fake slumber (the kind of sleep when you have your eyes closed while not actually sleeping). I can literally hear those voices attacking me how can I say so when Hindus are being beheaded just for the mere cause of condemning the threats of rapes and death to Nupur Sharma.

I say so because when was the last time you had seen the kind of mega rallies in support of Nupur Sharma all over India comprising of common Hindu and not just political members. When was the last time you had seen the outrage over the killings of poor Hindu men so much so that even the leftists were forced to take cognizance and Islamists were forced to de-escalate the situation! When was the last time you had seen such open defiance of the Islamists’ threats by doubling down on the controversial statements by people from all strata of society. When was the last time you had seen an Indian government being brought down in the name of Hindutva; till now we had only seen governments being formed to keep the ‘communal’ forces away or governments being brought down to preserve ‘secularism’.

Critics would say how does it all matter when the common Hindu is living in fear and being killed on a daily basis. You would be right in saying so. But tell me honestly, did you really think that this fight was going to be as easy as voting a single person to power? Try and remember what the Hindus were dealing with back in 2014? An ignorant population which was getting more and more westernized day by day.

This country had been thrown to the wolves but the Hindus were more concerned about their children’s English speaking ability. Look at the system the man you elected in 2014 & 2019 has been up against. We have an opposition which is openly anti-Nationalist and used to hobnob with the terrorists when in power to falsely implicate the Hindus. We have a big section of influential civil society who hate Hindus to the core and openly whitewash the crimes of Islamists and their agenda. We have a media which has connections in the foreign countries and would not blink twice before selling their own country for some money and kickbacks.

We have a legal system whose highest court is openly biased to such an extent that not only the Islamists and terrorists get priority hearing and special treatment but even the same cases get two different verdicts just because the plaintiff is a Hindu in one case and is a Muslim in the other. And despite all this, the narrative that is being propagated even from some of the highest posts is that of Hindu intolerance and Majoritarianism.

You can be excused for not knowing the level of corruption and malice in the entire democratic system back in 2014 but now you do. We are on a warpath to change the entire democratic machinery and not just to do mere cosmetic changes which can be reverted as soon as the other side is in power. It is going to take time. You might be right in asking for a new leader to lead you in this battle but tell me honestly who created those leaders that you want to replace Modi with? When was the last time you saw a bunch of promising leaders you can bank upon for decades to come whether it be Amit Shah, Yogi Adityanath, Himanta Biswa Sharma, K Annamalai, Devendra Fadnavis, Tejasvi Surya, to name a few. Did any past leadership in BJP allowed these many leaders to grow?

Most of the Hindus were living in ignorance back in 2014, those who were aware were left helpless by the apathetic attitude of their fellow countrymen and were fighting a lost battle having been stamped with the term Hindu fanatics by the very system they were up against. We should have no hesitation in accepting that it was Modi who has brought this oldest civilization from the brink of existential crisis to the stage where it has a fair chance to fight and win. If not for him, people like me and millions of others would have spent their entire existence in the throes of ‘Nehruvian Secularism’ without even getting a chance to know about our actual history. If we can boast of a system which can fight this Islamist Leftist Virus today then we have only one man to thank it for.

And what qualms do we have from Narendra Modi? He has not till now in 8 years has taken a single misstep where we can accuse him of being another politician using Hindus only for votes and power. We can accuse him for not doing enough or for moving slow but can we think of a single instance where he has damaged the cause of Hindutva? He can be criticized for his silence on major atrocities against Hindus like that in Bengal and ‘Sar tan se Juda’ killings but has he deviated from the path of Hindu renaissance ever? The fact we need to understand is that the damage of 1000s of years cannot be rolled back in a few years. He is slowly breaking the boundaries of caste, region, community – a pre-requisite to Hindu unity and thus Hindu civilizational revival.

There are umpteen number of vultures from the older system who are waiting breathlessly for him to make even a slight mistake to derail this entire project. So excuse him for being extra cautious as he (as well as we all know) knows in his heart that this chance has come after more than a millennium and we just cannot afford to let it slip away just because we want this civilizational war to end fast and reap its benefits for ourselves. We are not fighting this battle for us but for our children and grandchildren and their future.

In conclusion, I want to remind every fellow voice who has Kesari blood running in their veins that we cannot win the battle against Evil by asking our leaders to become more evil. Remember Ravana cannot be defeated by becoming Ravana but by becoming RAM. So do not ask your leader to slaughter every Islamist or leftist who you rightfully disagree with or even have hate in your heart for. We cannot revive the Hindu Civilization if we ourselves got deviated from the path of DHARMA. Criticize the man all you want, ask him as many difficult questions as possible but one, do not abandon him midway and second, do not ask him to become more evil; for that is not the kind of leader this Sanatana Dharma would be proud of.

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