Sunday, November 27, 2022


The history of Arunachal Pradesh will be rewritten, BJP government has given the responsibility

The BJP government there will now rewrite the history of Arunachal Pradesh and also include it in the school curriculum.

Battle of Manacaud: A story of resistance

One of the most ignored events in the Hindu history of Kerala, is about the lesser known Mughal invasion into Kerala during the 17th century which was successfully defended at Manacaud in South Kerala.

Why Bharat cannot afford to not have an Anti-conversion bill?

We aren't divisive, but believe in Vasudaiva Kutumbakam and are tolerant enough to live and let live with us the invaders, colonisers and the archaical system.

EWS reservations and colonial hangover

While anti-Brahminism isn't a new phenomenon to India, the circumstances and manner in which it has surfaced this time, reflect the modus operandi of the colonizer in the past to break the society of India.

Weak Russia and Putin not good for world peace

If Putin is a dictator and human right violator and strangulated democratic aspiration of Russians and waged war against tiny neighbor, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky in comparison is no less brutal in his own country going by the reports of London based Amnesty International - 2021, US based Foreign Policy Focus -2021, etc.

Religious conversion and cultural appropriation

Wherever Hindus have been a minority in South Asia, they have been exterminated.

Policy on birth rate – to boost or to dwindle

The subject is a matter of concern to somebody, anybody, or nobody, but as a layman, I am in a catch-22 situation, whether to stand with the policy encouraging the increase in birth rate or back the policy of population control. Worth pondering, isn’t it?

Will the secrets of the Pakistani establishment ever be revealed?

Will there ever be answers to all the complex questions of Pakistani army, society and politics? What is the power behind Imran Khan?

Why Indians should boycott Qatar World Cup 2022

Do not purchase any FIFA 2022 regalia including T-shirts, and do not give the advertisers any revenue by the minutes you spend in watching this tournament.

What went wrong with Twitter India? Firsthand account from Parliament

why India is so important for social media platforms companies including Twitter, and what went wrong with the Indian management of these companies.

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