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Annamalai, the true winner, make AIADMK & DMK fight for same pie

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AIADMK snapping ties with BJP is a game-changing moment for BJP in Tamil Nadu politics, a defining time for Annamalai.  Tamil Nadu is craving for a change and the best gift of Modiji to TN is Annamalai, as the state president of BJP.  Annamalai has changed the political battle field of TN which was quite stable for more than 60 years. 

Today, both the Drawidian parties are clueless as how to fight Annamalai because politics of Annamalai is accurate and perfect and moreover, the public reception is high to Annamalai. Unfortunately, none of the two corrupt political forces could make any counter-allegation against Annamalai or Modiji as the life and politics of both Annamalai and Modiji are transparent, crystal clear, pure and service centric. 

As a mark of helplessness and going irrelevance, EPS of AIADMK has snapped ties with BJP and started to attract minority voters away from DMK. Some minority community players in TN have started to feel that this is their time to potentiate their role and significance in TN politics. They feel that if they gravitate towards AIADMK, they can teach a lesson to DMK and get better deal from EPS. 

Further, they also can show they are the real force in TN, which the Drawidian parties cannot afford to lose. The minority voters will keep the primary and secondary focus of AIADMK and DMK towards them and this is the time that they can play their game well. Imagine, even an unequal division of minority vote happen between DMK and AIADMK, both these parties can just boast of minority vote but cannot convert the same into victory. Hardcore DMK supporters are going remain with DMK.  A small proportion of Hindus with Drawidian mindset are going to vote for AIADMK.   

On the contrary, the aspirational young voters, voters with hardcore Hindu mindset, Sanadanis, those gone weird and fatigued by both Drawidian parties, those seriously looking for development are going to shift to BJP under Annamalai and such shift looks substantial. How far this shift is going to bring electoral victory for BJP is difficult to predict in the forthcoming election but the churning happening in TN is in the right direction. 

Ideological strength, leadership strength, corruption free governance, development focus, stability, micro-translation of good governance to every man in the village, all that happening in the last 10 years make BJP, Modi and Annamalai unique from all other political forces in India. 

Annamalai should focus on corruption legacy of both DMK and AIADMK along with the ideological politics of BJP where people can easily connect with BJP on anti-corruption sloganeering. To counter BJP, both DMK and AIADMK will attack BJP through minority appeasement where both these drawidian parties will fight for the same pie.   

Only through high decibel minority appeasement, both the Drawidian parties can counter BJP’s corruption free, development centric governance and pure ideology. Both the Drawidian parties would go defenseless when the corruption baggage is opened, skeleton in the cupboard is shown to the public and agencies are tasked to speed up the investigation so the conviction does not get delayed further. 

Modiji is going to form next government in 2024 with absolute majority. People of India have already decided and substantial proportion of people of TN also have decided that this time they want to support Modiji to make India further stronger and greater, as they were misguided in the past by DMK. 

Need of the hour is unconditional support and unquestionable degree of freedom and abundant resources to Annamalai to make the dream of millions of people of Tamil Nadu possible. 

Annamalai is right, the fight is between BJP and DMK and not AIADMK. Let AIADMK if it desires, fight DMK. Fight of BJP in Tamil Nadu should focus on corruption where both the Drawidians parties would go defunct. Naturally they have to settle with same pie for survival and Annamalai can rescue TN from Drawidian politics and can save the people of Tamil Nadu.  Seeds of such change must be sowed now, Annamalai is doing the right thing. 

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