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Ante-mortem report on I.N.D.I.A

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Twenty-seven anti-BJP political parties of India have recently formed INDI Alliance (I.N.D.I.A) to fight BJP led NDA in 2024 general election. Out of total 543 Members in Indian Parliament, the INDI Alliance presently has only 142 MPs. Name of the 27 parties of INDI Alliance, with their number of MPs (in the parenthesis) is given below.

INC (50), DMK (24), TMC (23), JDU (16), SSUBT (6), NCP (4), CPIM (3), SP (3), IUML (3), NC (3), CPI (2), AAP (1), JMM (1), KCM (1), VCK (1), RSP (1), RJD (0), RLD (0), MDMK (0), CPIML (0), KC (0), ADK (0), FB (0), PDP (0), MMK (0), KDMK (0), PWPI (0).

Out of all these 27 Parties, 11 have no MP presently in the Parliament and five have only one. So, 16 (59%) out of the total 27 parties are politically insignificant in nature. It is a core weakness of the INDI Alliance.

Indian National Congress with 50 MPs, CPIM with 3 MPs and AAP with one MP are only three national parties. Rest 24 are regional or state-based parties.

Five parties belong to Leftist ideology with six MPs together at present. Both PDP and NC are Islamic parties and from the Muslim-majority UT of J&K.

The Kerala and Tamil Nadu based Far Right Islamic party (Indian Union Muslim League) is in the Alliance with 3 MPs. However, the Bihar-based Far Left CPIML has no MP.

A maximum of six regional/state level parties are from Tamil Nadu. And next comes Kerala with five such parties. With some overlapping, a total of ten parties (37%) of the Alliance are from Tamil Nadu and Kerala. This is something very strange.

Except DMK, the other 26 parties are ideologically Muslim-oriented. But DMK is a viciously anti-Hindu party too. A few days back Udhayanadhi Stalin, a minister in the DMK government of Tamil Nadu and son of the Chief Minister MK Stalin, publicly compared Sanatana Dharma with Malaria, Dengue and Covid and called for eradication of Sanatana Dharma from India.

Very predictively, none of the rest 26 parties of INDI Alliance condemned Udhayanidhi’s statement. Some second ranking Congress leaders, like son of Mallikarjun Kharge and P Chidambaram rather supported the statement of Udhayanidhi. Darbari and Jih@di Media of India came forward to support Udhayanidhi with “freedom of expression”. No wonder, the INDI Alliance is determined to destroy the Hindu Civilization of India with help from Islamists, Communists, Missionaries and Jaichands.

The prominent faces from INDI Alliance are Rahul Gandhi, MK Stalin, Mamta Banerjee, Arvind Kejriwal, Sarad Pawar, Sitaram Yechuri and Nitish Kumar. Rahul Gandhi is presently unemployed and behaving like an unguided missile against Congress. He eats in India, takes a flight, goes to the West and shits around on the good name of India.

Most of the parties of INDI Alliance are dynastic and utterly corrupt. The main such parties are Congress, TMC, SP, RJD, JMM, DMK, NCP, SSUBT, PDP and NC. Though Leftist parties are not involved in dynasty politics and corruption, these are the fountain-head of causing disruptions in the society. These Leftist parties are also staunchly anti-Hindu.

The parties of the INDI Alliance, which are expected to do somewhat well in the 2024 general election are Congress, DMK, TMC and AAP. But will these 4 parties be able to touch the magic figure of 273 MPs in collaboration with the rest 23 parties? The task seems impossible.

The INDI Alliance allegedly has support from China, ISI, Soros and CIA. Within India, it is supported by Islamist-Leftist journalists, Lutyens media and Darbari Media to create anti-Hindu narrative and shame Hindus. INDI Alliance has recently boycotted 14 TV anchors of different media houses in India, who refused to be “yours faithfully” of the Gandhi family and its 26 other parties of the Alliance.

These 27 parties do not have any good understanding, ideological or otherwise, among those. These 27 parties have come together on the basis of “enemy’s enemy is my friend”. Congress has the additional discomfort of remaining out of power for 10 long years. To the Congress, the post of PM in India is eternally attached with the Gandhi family or its nominee.

However, the Achilles Heel of INDI Alliance is its PM candidate. There is no indication that it will be resolved before the election of 2024. And the situation will not be an easy one even after the election. Congress only wants to make Rahul Gandhi the PM of India at any cost. INDI Alliance is the eighth launching pad for Rahul Gandhi since 2007, when he entered politics. But he has a strong contender this time in Mamata Banerjee. Even Nitish Kumar and Kejriwal are also aspiring for the post of PM and Sharad Pawar is also not lagging behind.

All these 27 parties have been up and doing to divide Hindu voters of India on the basis of caste, language, culture and region, while uniting the Muslim votes across India in their favour. Unlike Hindus, Muslims always vote for their religious interest only and these 27 parties are eager to go up to any extent to entice the Muslim voters. With all its evilness, INDI Alliance will find it extremely difficult to solve the question of pre-poll seats adjustment among its constituent parties.

In any case, the 2024 general election of India will be an electoral fight between Indic Civilization and its enemies.

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