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Rohit Sardana: The untold Story of virtuous Journalist

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Rohit Sardana is one of the most recognized & prominent personality in India. You can hate him or love him but you can’t ignore him because of his ravishing personality.

I want to accentuate some points related to his virtuous life.

In the early days of his career he worked as a copy editor and as a assistant producer at Sahara Samay for 1 year.

He had achieved numerous award and recognition this include “Best news anchor award” from Delhi Education society, Ganesh Vidyarthi Puraskar in 2018 and many such honorable awards.

In November 2017, Rohit Sardana got multiple threats from several Islamic organizations against his tweet. But because of his humble and virtuous personality many people from different background came in his support.

When he was pursuing his mass communication degree, television journalism was not something he had given much thought as a career. Nevertheless on 14 Oct 2014, he joined the zee news network as an output producer.

His time with Zee news is an excellent exam of the survival of the fitness. Despite facing numerous odds he managed odds and he managed to survive there for a year because of his virtuous personality.

After he joined Zee News, he made every effort to stay in tune with the work culture of the organization spate by workload.

But today in a shocking incident one of the most renowned anchor of mainstream Media Aaj Tak “Rohit Sardana” passed away due to Heart Attack after testing positive to Covid-19 on 24 April. The media personality had tweeted that his Reverse Transcription- PCR was negative but CT scan detected Covid-19 infection in his Lunge. The untimely death of Rohit Sardana came as a major Shock to the media community at large.

Today I’m speechless and shell shocked to hear about him. I pray almighty to give strength and courage to family and loved ones to bear this loss. Om Shanti.   – Vineet Tripathi

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Columnist •Political Analyst •Content Creator & Front- End Web Developer.

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