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Foreign Media is the Anglophiles’ favourite plaything

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Foreign media at this point is just a pathetic joke. Their journalists have become pseudo-political critics, and their outlets have long lost their credibility. It’s obvious why journalism has become a negative connotation amongst the people like me who questions the working of media. I hate people, especially the liberals post their articles on their social media platforms as if they provide any sources that could be credible. They still believe that because they’re reputable, they’re somewhat plausible. However, having a reputation does not give them any credibility.

I mean, look at Vice Media. They sure love to bring up the Kashmir Issues and the treatment of Uighurs in China. Of course, they do that to attract more viewers from both political spectra. But do you know who owns Vice Media? The Walt Disney Company (One of the owners of Vice Media, check the Wikipedia page). The same company that got under hot water for working with one of the most authoritarian regimes in the world. I’m talking about Beijing. That hot water happened when the Mulan controversy came up. To understand more, read an article I wrote on Youth Ki Awaaz, “Metal Gear Solid: Learning Lessons Of War From Video Games.” But to reiterate it:

1. Disney fired a director and an actress for making edgy jokes a decade ago and making controversial statements during the Capitol Building Riots, respectively. However, they didn’t lift a finger when their star actress said in support of state-sponsored police brutality.

2. Disney shot Mulan in the Xinjiang region, near the Uighur concentration camps. It brought uproar amongst the people, who now believe that Disney has become morally bankrupt.

Another company that comes into mind is Washington Post. As Indians, we know who works in the said outlet as the columnist? Rana Ayyub. Rana Ayyub is one of the journalists or rather detractors of PM Modi. Any take of hers has brought more controversy than I can remember. In my opinion, she’s one of those folks who are not making India’s divided political climate any better. On the contrary, she’s just adding more kerosene to the fire.

Then I did some digging about her and Washington Post. Washington Post like Vice Media loves to talk about the Kashmir issues. But I did a simple Google search about who owns Washington Post? Jeff Bezos (One of the richest people in the world). And we all know Jeff Bezos owns Amazon, one of the pioneers of the world’s e-commerce industry. The same company also got under hot water for its sweatshop operations (as well as allegedly using the Uighur Muslims for forced labour). That explains a lot about media outlets and how their political opinions do not align with their parent companies’ exploits. And that makes them a bunch of hypocrites.

Another company Al Jazeera loves to bring up human rights issues, despite being owned by the Qatar Government. The same government has been condemned for its human rights records. The New York Times was being serious about India’s Second Wave of Covid while making hit pieces on Elon Musk and Mr. Beast (M.I.A. also criticised them for their half baked journalism during the Sri Lankan Civil War). And companies like Buzzfeed and ScoopWhoop (although an Indian Company is just BuzzFeed with Indian Masala) love to produce clickbait content.

Foreign media has become a political dumpster fire. They’re just all talk with no action. They produce nothing but clickbait and ragebait content. In India, their main demographics are the liberals and the Anglophile elites. There was a time when most of them were informative and all about truth. They sure did turn their backs on their roots. Which is why their relevance is dying out. I’m sure there are outlets which stay true to their roots. However I hardly know any of them. The ones I know are either crappy or too busy with their political agendas. Which is why I have disdain for journalism.

P.S. Build your PC right Verge before you talk about anything else.

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