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‘DD Kashir’s ‘Prestigious’ breakfast show Good Morning J&K- A damp squib’

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Mir Suhail
Mir Suhail
Mir Suhail is a Srinagar based Journalist. He tweets at @KashmirukSuhail

After being a flagship programme for DD Kashir for almost a decade, Good Morning J&K, breakfast show is loosing its sheen and audience fast.

As Doordarshan Kendra Srinagar has been underdress for almost two decades due to many wrong reasons, the breakfast show carried the prestigious legacy of the station and was responsible to keep some of its ardent viewership intact despite loosing most of its audience.

The waning interest and charm has many reasons but the professional staff which has superannuated over the years and the programmes comes into the hands of lower-rung staff and casuals is the main cause of its decline.

Coupled with the same old faces as anchors have disillusioned viewers as the newly recruited so-called new faces leaves lot to be desired.

Some of the boys and girls presenting the show lack pronunciation, presentation and the basic knowledge of the subject they deliberate upon with their guests who also off late are repeats and lacklustre speakers.

“On April 14, Baba Ambedkar’s day, an advocate guest as per the newspaper Good Morning Kashmir was chosen as a guest to speak on the life and achievements of architect of the constitution. But the guest was adamant on speaking on why of lawyers and judiciary can’t be changed from black as according to him he feels hot in black apron.” The second female anchor that day was learnt to be his assistant in the court as both were communicating through their eye contact,” said Pirzada Shakir, a senior journalist.

“The show has become a laughing stock off late as guests are repeated every three weeks. There are few so-called few personalities who only talk about their personal lives and carry no information or education to the audience. The producer of the programme invites guests either his relatives, friends, and acquaintances only who have no unique appeal for the viewers. The anchors who are aged have least photo genic appearances should be replaced by the fresh good looking educated professionals,” laments Danish Ahmad, working as a cinematographer.

Recently, a high-level functionaries from Prasar Bharti were informed about the non-professionalism and lack of competent staff in the once most prestigious Kendra of the North India, sources were quoted as saying by Good Morning Kashmir.

It is believed the revamp of the Kendra will take place sooner rather than late.

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Mir Suhail
Mir Suhail
Mir Suhail is a Srinagar based Journalist. He tweets at @KashmirukSuhail
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